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The food market in Bologna revisited

Bologna is only a 90 minute drive from Bagni Di Lucca if you drive across the mountain towards Abetone. We have done this a couple of times now. Bologna is a city that needs to be visited often.

I just love the 2 market streets in the centre of town, Via Pescheria and Via Drapperie. Take a look at the wonderful things on offer there.

the flower shop – from my hotel room

the bakery next door

beautiful oranges

great colours

finocchio and radicchio


I love fennel



cute little fish

a huge eel

torta de verdure

fresh pasta

ready to take home

in the butcher’s window

it looks very fresh

pig’s trotter anyone?

the chicken shop

somebody must have found this amusing

back to the flowers

beautiful tulips

Now why would you want to go to a supermarket, when you could shop here?

I have always stayed at Hotel Drapperie at 5 Via Drapperie.  Phone (39) 051 223955

Take a look in the Bologna category for more on this fabulous city.


  1. looks like an amazing market!

    • It is on of the best I have seen.

  2. Fantastic photos. As a vegetarian I didn’t expect to be admiring pics of a butchers window, but even they’re artistic!

    • They are very artistic. I love the way the food is displayed in the Bologna markets.

  3. “Bologna la rossa, Bologna la grassa”, Bologna, the red (a reference to its political tendencies) Bologna, the fat. They deserve the motta, but it is a real foodies paradise. Not only the markets are great, some of the food shops are magnificent. My favourite one is Tamburini (
    As you rightly said, Bologna is only 90 minutes from Bagni di Lucca and a delightful day trip. The city itself is magnificent. And the food….. a cardinal sin!!!!!

    • We have eaten at Tamburini several times. You can eat in at lunch time as well as take away their fabulous food. We love Bologna and our Brisbane neighbour has just bought an apartment there, so we expect to visit even more often.

  4. From your photos I can almost taste the wonderful fruit, vetables and yummy sweets.
    Where do you stay when you are in Bologna ? You mentioned a hotel, do you know of any wonderful apartments where we can just feast on the fresh produce.
    Possibly looking at going in May or June ? is that a good time !

    • I have always stayed at Drapperie. They also have an apartment with a kitchen not too far away from the hotel. I haven’t stayed there, but the hotel is excellent so I imagine the apartment would be good too. My friend will be renting her apartment when it is ready, so that may be an option. May would be better than June as Bologna becomes very hot in summer.

  5. Yes why would you go to a supermarket when there is such rich and vivid offerings as these! I admit I did chuckle at the pig with the cigarette 😛

  6. Is it easy to park the car in Bologna? Where can I do it?

    • You cannot park in the centre of the city unless you are staying at a hotel there, but there is a very big carpark at the end of Via Independenza (not far from the station) where you can park. We have left our car over night there on several occasions. Then it is a pleasant walk under the portico to Piazza Maggiore in the centre. Bologna is easily reached by train from Florence, Milan etc. It is a central hub for rail travel.

  7. I have got to get to Bologna and rent an apartment where I can shop at this fabulous market and then go home and cook.

    • My friend will be renting her apartment when it is ready and it is right in the centre of town.

  8. I’m visiting Bologna in the fall and this just made me very excited for it! Thanks for posting!

    • Bologna is a fascinating city. I’m sure you will love it.

  9. Fabulous pictures again Deb, they transport me to another place, make me want to cook something and remind me what will happen if I smoke. LOL.

    • The markets are inspiring. I always want to buy heaps of stuff and go home to cook something.

  10. looks like a culinary delight – amazing colours!

    • I love the Bologna markets – a foodie’s heaven.

  11. Exactly – who would need a supermarket. What a wonderful array – have you cooked radicchio Deb? I would love to go on a holiday where market tours and cooking classes are incorporated, but then I would need a month in boot camp where they would make me whiz up and down hills on my porky little trotters.

    • There is so much walking to do in cities like Bologna that is is easy to walk off all the eating – or you could climb the tower every day.

  12. Great photos, my mouth is watering with all that fresh food! Don’t you just love the fresh food markets in Italy?

    • The Bologna market is definitely one of my favourites. The whole city is fabulous.

  13. What an amazing assortment of colours & flavours. I cant wait to visit this market. It gives me a feel of the local people and their culture & food……..

    • These 2 streets are amazing, you will love it.

  14. Thanks to your Italian dictionary post awhile back I now know what casalinga means, and I think that torta casalinga looks mighty fine!

    • It looks very edible doesn’t it?

  15. Thanks for sharing the photos! Was in Bologna on 1st May this year, and everything around that area was closed!

    • 1st May is a holiday all over Italy.

  16. Every April, Bologna is also the venue for the world’s most important children’s book fair – at which I’m please to say some Australian publishers have successfully sold translation rights to my books. I hope to get there soon!

  17. Beautiful photographs!

    • I love the way the food is arranged. They look like little works of art.

      • Yes, the Italians pay a lot of attention to how their goods are displayed don’t they?

      • I think they are the best at this.

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