Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 14, 2020

The road to Casa Debbio

The road from Vergemoli to Gallicano is narrow and winding. It is also incredibly beautiful, especially right now in autumn. On my drive yesterday I kept stopping the car to take photos. It was a misty, drizzly day, which I think made it even more gorgeous.

Come for a drive.

This is where I come into Vergemoli from the track down from Casa Debbio. My nearest neighbour, Vittorio lives here. He makes great pizzas.


Here is a view from the edge of Vergemoli.

…and looking back towards the village.

…down to the road I was about to drive on.

This pretty house is not far from Vergemoli. I would love to know its history.

A bit further along the mountains and valley come into view.

The autumn colours will soon be gone.


I saw an amazing tree and looked for a place to stop so I could get a reasonable photo. It is enormous. It grows from the bottom of the valley almost up to the road. I could not capture all of it because of the smaller trees and shrubs in front of it.

On the way back home I stopped to capture the persimmon tree of another neighbour.

Up the hill towards the road home.

How lucky I am to be here in this gorgeous season.

This morning I woke up to blue sky and this spectacular cloud. It didn’t last long before it changed shape and drifted off.


Tomorrow, Sunday, Tuscany changes from orange to red, meaning severe restrictions will come into place. I will be staying at Casa Debbio except to go down the mountain occasionally to buy food. I am in a safe and beautiful place, but I hope this does not last too long.


  1. Hoping your lockdown is short and has the desired effect. I’m so sad I haven’t been able to get to Lucca this year. I have my fingers crossed for next. Stay safe and well

    • I hope so too, but I am not confident. Maybe next year will be better and we can get back to some kind of normal.

      • Lovely atmospheric area.
        Hope your confinement isn’t for long….but here in Oz I believe it will be early March when there will be the first rollout of a vaccine.
        Re your car, do you own one or rent? We always rent, as we don’t think we can own one, more’s the pity.

      • We bought our car in the name of an Italian friend. You need to be a resident to buy a car and that has tax implications. It is all a bit complicated.

  2. Once again, thanks for the magic. So needed now. Soon the vaccine will be everywhere and we will be able to get back to normal. We must be patient.

    • I think it will take a while for the vaccine to be available to everyone. Maybe mid next year things might begin to return to normal. In the meantime we just have to try our best to keep the virus away. It is really tough for so many people.

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos and letting me live a little through your eyes , seeing the views I am missing terribly this year!!
    I am praying the vaccine works and life can return to somewhat normal for all of us ! Hopefully it will allows us back “home”!!
    Be safe!!

    • Let’s hope some sort of normal returns next year.

  4. Best wishes Deb to get through another lockdown. How lucky we are here in Perth.

    • Thank you. Australia has done well keeping the virus at bay. I hope things get better for everyone soon.

  5. Those winding roads sure do bring back memories. But the views are spectacular the whole way along. As always, your photos are gorgeous.
    Sorry you are going back to red, but hopefully it won’t be for too long and does the job. We have finally come out of a very tough lockdown in Melbourne, but still have many restrictions in place.
    Stay safe and enjoy your time back at Casa Debbio.

    • Melbourne had a very strict lockdown. I am happy that seems to have bern effective. Italy did well over the summer, but as the weather got cooler people gathered inside and the virus spread again. I really hope this lockdown doesn’t last 3 months like the last one.
      The road up to Vergemoli is stunning. The blind corners bother me, but I have become used to them.

  6. This is one of the most spectacular drives…and it is so beautiful with the changing colours. We are fortunate that there is a couple of spots where you can safely stop to take the photos. Take care.

    • The road used to terrify me, but I am quite used to it now. I know all the spots where I can stop safely and right now I rarely come across another car on the road.
      I love autumn here. The change of colour is spectacular. It is almost over and soon the trees will be bare. That has its own beauty.

  7. As you rightly say, you are in a safe and beautiful place. All you need is a bit of patience. Let’s hope it does not last too long.

    • This lot of restrictions is supposed to be for a couple of weeks, but I can’t see that being the case. We just have to see how it goes.

  8. What a wonderful drive along that road!

    • It is a fabulous drive. The scenery is breathtaking.

  9. Thanks once again for sharing your gorgeous views. I am dreaming of being in Lucca again. Hope the current lockdown will be a brief one for you.

    • I hope we are all in a better position soon!

  10. We loved going on your drive. We also love Autumn but dont have the wonderful mountain vistas you HAVE . The persimmon tree looks like a Christmas tree with golden decorations. When Winter comes with snow that road you drive on must be difficult & hair raising! What a way to wake up to that blue sky & fabulous cloud even if only for a short time. Sad to hear about restrictions returning to Italy. (very serious – take care). Qld has done well inspite of some complaining about closed borders, but it has worked . Take care Deb & we look forward to more beautiful photos.

  11. Incredibly beautiful. I love autumn. Grew up in Scotland. Stay safe!

  12. So very beautiful Debbie. So glad you are sharing. Stay safe and well. We have a weekend at the beach at Cabarita coming up so look out Instagram! It’s hot as blazes here this week and very muggy. Good grass growing weather but not so great for putting the makeup on in the morning.

    • One thing I don’t miss about Brisbane is steamy days. Today it is raining lightly and the mist is swirling around the village below…no gardening today. Yesterday I picked 220 kiwi from the vine on my fence!

  13. Hi Deb….

    What a lovely drive to take with you!! So lovely with the beautiful Autumn colours and misty atmosphere. The persimmons looked pretty good!

    I’m sorry to hear of your new severe lockdown but glad that you are safely in the mountains in your lovely house….go safely dear friend. What troubled times we live in.

    Stay safe, Jxx

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    • Lockdown is a bit dreary, but what can we do? This will pass and life will return to normal…I hope.

  14. Beautiful beautiful photos Debra..Stay safe on your mountain..

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    • Thank you. This is a safe place to be.

  15. Love your posts! Do you have a rental (for my future future) in either of your places? Can you send a price range for 2021 for about 4-5 days?

  16. I absolutely inhaled this post – literally. The dampness, the fragrance of departing leaves, warm days. I felt that I was there, hoofing it up the hill to home. You’ve kept up with my wish for further posts, now back at Casa Debbio. Thank you; always read with great pleasure. BTW – we too are in a 28 day lock-down (Toronto) but the weather has kept us distracted…coping with a new-newer normal!! Another btw – your squash/feta pie looked so, so delicious! Puff pastry?

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