Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 12, 2020


I see lots of amusing signs in Italy. I found these two on toilet doors at a petrol station recently.

I understand the peas reference on the gents sign, but can’t figure out the potato thing…any suggestions?


  1. No idea. But have you checked the English translation of the instructions?

    • I did see that, very funny.

  2. 50 Cent doch günstig !!>>>

    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand German.

  3. Can’t imagine why it is potatoes but I shall ask my Italian friends in OZ,

    • Pam, in a comment below, has solved the problem.

  4. Yes, I’ve enjoyed reading these signs in Italy too. I even have a small collection. eg this sign seen in Treviso
    Onorate Il Pane: gloria dei campi. Festa della vita. Fragranza della terra
    Written by Mussolini, August 1929.

    • I find some of them very amusing. I also love menu translations.

  5. Patatina “little potato” is the female sex organs in anatomy. Italian slang i believe.

    • Thank you! I thought it would something like that but I have not heard of it.

  6. Does it mean us women are overweight! !!!
    Have you been to Toffia? There is a apartmento I am interested in buying, location not far from Roma, about a hour to the north, I would be interested in your opinion if you have been there.

    • Pam, in a comment above, has explained the reference. I have not been to Toffia. With the current restrictions I won’t be visiting anywhere for a while.

  7. Ha, ha! I’ve taken quite a few photos of funny bathroom signs myself, but I haven’t ever seen the peas and potatoes on a door.

    • It was a first for me.

  8. I am sorry I couldnt get either sign! But I remember years ago in Italy I asked the waiter directions to the Toilet. He just kept saying “later” . I felt like replying NO I need it now!!! Obviously I was not saying the correct word!!!

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