Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 27, 2019

Midsummer in Helsinki

Our visit to Helsinki coincided with the celebrations for midsummer. Finland has a holiday for the summer solstice an everyone heads to the countryside to enjoy picnics and barbecues by a lake or the seaside.

Helsinki used to be a ghost town at this time, but lately more things are open and there are more people about. We had fabulous weather for the few days we were there, some of the best of our entire trip. The sky was blue, it was warm and everything was looking fabulous.


Oodi, the new library is amazing. I have been watching this building grow over the last couple of years and to see it finished is great.

Landscaping is continuing in front. I love the way the windows over the building look like floating clouds.

Toolonlahti is in full bloom and the wild birds are about with their babies.


The Allas pool in the harbour was full of people enjoying the spectacular weather.

The market by the harbour was busy.

There are flowers all over the city.

Also spotted was a Finnish chap selling flowercrowns.

I love my visits to Helsinki, especially in glorious summer weather.

Here we are flying out of Helsinki.

I’m back in Australia now for some great winter weather. I have many photos of our few months away and blog posts will follow.


  1. How wonderful was your stop over in Helsinki- with your family heritage I know it is even more special to you- gorgeous blue sky summer photos. Welcome home to Brisbane.

    • It is nice to be home.

  2. What great photos!

  3. Oodi is a spectacular piece of architecture. Stunning place Debi.

  4. That’s the time we visited Helsinki and I so love the midsummer time as I love sunshine and long sunny days. They’re so energising!

    • It is a great time of the year.

  5. I am loving your posts Debra. They continue to inspire me for our future plans. We have just arrived home from France and Italy and have booked our next trip fro Spain and Portugal. Can’t wait.

    • We have been to a few places in Spain and there are posts on the blog. If you look in the “Spain” category you will find them. We haven’t been to Portugal yet.

  6. The new library looks fantastic. As the landscaping grows it will look even better.

    • The whole area as grown over the last few years. It has been interesting to watch it develop.

  7. Cheers to Helsinki’s vibrancy and to your safe trip to Australia.

    • Helsinki is a great city. I love visiting.

  8. Spectacular library! Do you know what the water temperature is in that harbor pool?

    • The heated pools are 27 degrees. The sea pool would be the same temperature as the sea, so it would vary with the seasons.

  9. We visited Helsinki last year Debra about the same time….loved this vibrant city! I can see why you regularly return.

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