Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 19, 2019

Strange spring in the garden

We are currently experiencing the coldest May in Italy for 62 years. The cold doesn’t bother me, but the fierce wind doesn’t make me happy. It is a very strange spring.

We have been away for a couple of weeks and it was great to be back at Casa Debbio to see the changes in the garden.

Driving up the mountain to Casa Debbio is a delight in spring. The green is vibrant and glorious. It was a rare sunny day.

This was the garden a couple of weeks ago. The first peonies bloomed.

The wisteria looked great. The pergolas should be covered this year.

Lilacs bloomed.

There were tiny cherries on the tree.

Wild daisies covered the slope in front of the house.

Rhododendrons put on a good show.


The gorgeous ricotta flowers turned from green to white.

Violets appeared everywhere.

The lovely beech trees grew new leaves.

Ginestra looked great.

The geraniums are growing.

A couple of weeks later there isn’t a lot of change, but the garden is looking good.The next group of peonies still has only buds.

The lavender is growing well.

The grass in front of the house is growing well.

There will be roses soon.

Wisteria is growing leaves.

The weeping cherry looks great.

The paths on the terrace below the house are coming along.

Things will only get better over the next few weeks, especially if we get some warm sunny days.


Our lovely Tuscan mountain house is available for rent this summer. We rent it weekly, but we think it would be better rented by the month. It is the perfect place to a restful break where the only sounds are the birds. Fireflies fill the garden on warm nights and the views are spectacular.

Email at if you would like to stay at Casa Debbio. At the top of the page click Rent our Tuscan House for more photos.




  1. The peonies are looking wonderful. L’Oreal is making some excellent creams for their Age Perfect range using Imperial Peony extracts.

    • Maybe I should just rub peonies on my face!

  2. Gorgeous peonies!

    • My favourite flowers!

      • I used to have some nice ones where I lived in the past, and they decay beautifully –

  3. Magnificent garden. I am a big garden enthusiast with lots of camellias in my own garden. Can’t wait to see beautiful gardens in France and Italy in 9 sleeps time!!

    • I can’t grow camellias, we have wild goats. One small bush has managed to survive. They don’t eat peonies and lavender which is why we so many of those.

  4. Stunning garden Debi. Love the peonies. Love it all actually. Where’s the beautiful gal cake stand?

    • Angela the cake stand will come out when the rain stops and we have guests for lunch.

  5. So beautiful, Deb. I love the deep green of the grass in that part of the world and the daisies are so pretty. The lavender is so at home there isn’t it.

    • Lavender does very well at Casa Debbio. The guide says that lavender likes stony hillsides…we have those.

  6. I might throw away my trowel and spade.

    • Mine are put aside until the rain stops!

  7. Wow! Just beautiful.

    • It is becoming a beautiful garden.

  8. I’m happy to see the weather hasn’t been too much of a bother for your garden. It’s looking beautiful!

    • It’s a bit random. Some things are doing well and others not.

  9. Looking gorgeous.

    • We are happy with the progress.

  10. Your garden has come along such a way, Debra – just gorgeous!

    • It certainly has. The whole property was covered in brambles when we started.

  11. Ahh peony season-my favourite flower! Your garden is stunning.

    • Peonies are my favourite flowers and the goats don’t eat them!

  12. You have created such a beautiful garden Deb. We are very privileged to have seen it recently. We need to come at this time of the year to see it at it’s best. One day!!!

    • Late spring is the best time in the garden.

  13. I think this beautiful garden

    • Thank you. We are very happy with the way our garden is progressing.

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