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Spello revisited

Spello is one of our favourite  towns in Italy so we don’t need much of an excuse to revisit. It seemed a natural half way stop on our way from Bagni di Lucca to Puglia.

It was a strange, stormy afternoon when we arrived but the rain stayed away and there was some blue sky here and there.

The town is famous for its Infiorata, the flower festival where works of art are created in flower petals on the streets. There are lovely courtyards filled with flowers always. Spring is a good time to visit.

The town is elegant and well kept. The streets are lined with shops, art galleries and delis filled with delicious food and wine…there is much to choose from.

Spello has a long history. One of the entrances, Porta Consolare was built from 43 -33BC. It was the main entrance on the south side of the town. It was constructed with large blocks of perfectly dressed white Subiaso stone without mortar in rows of varying heights.

The central arch was used for carts and the smaller arches for pedestrians. The appearance has changed over the centuries. The well preserved tower at the south side of the gate is Medieval.

During the Renaissance the outside part was raised and 3 marble statues were placed there. The statues were found in the amphitheatre area. They date from the 1st century BC and were from funerary or honorary monuments.

Another old entrance is Porta dell’Arce, at the other side of the town.

There are some narrow streets in Spello.

Look for gorgeous views over the Umbrian countryside.

We stayed at the very lovely Hotel Palazzo Bocci in Via Cavour.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the common rooms gorgeous.

La Cantina was our favourite restaurant on previous visits so we went again…creatures of habit.

I would return to Spello just to eat at La Cantina.



  1. The town is wonderful, the hotel looks great and those artichoke dishes from La Cantina seem to be so yummy…. totally green with envy!

    • The artichoke was probably the best I have eaten. I love that restaurant.

  2. Like all your blog posts this one is wonderful. Location, hotel and the dining look amazing.

    • You can see why I love Spello.

  3. Love Spello. Thanks for taking me back.

  4. What a pretty place! And such gorgeous countryside!

    • The whole area is lovely.

  5. Oh goodness. What a beautiful village. I’ll have to add this to my long list of places I haven’t seen in Italy! The hotel is beautiful as well, and that restaurant! I’d go again just for that ambiance!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • Spello is beautiful. We love visiting the town.

  7. Such a beautiful town, Debra. Love the colourful flower displays.

    • It’s great to see the residents make an effort to make their town look good.

  8. Oh my my … It’s a wonderland!

    • It is lovely to see pretty gardens everywhere.

  9. What an absolutely gorgeous town.

  10. We love Spello and La Cantina. In fact I have just decided to enrol in a 2 week Italian language course in late September

    • A lovely place to do a course. Let me know if you come north.

  11. Ah, lovely! You have brought back some happy memories fo me….

    • Spello is a place we love to return to.

      • 😊😊

  12. Italian style is just the best. I don’t think I had ever heard of Spello. Another place for the list. Keep them coming. Thank you, Louise.

    • Spello is near Perugia and Assisi, where we will be stopping on the way back.

      • Ok well I went to Assisi and Perugia in the late eighties. I have obviously forgotten anything about Spello being nearby, But I definitely will be going back to Italy at some stage hopefully for a prolonged stay.

  13. Those flowers, I adore them! And your hotel looks like a palace 😍

    • The hotel is lovely, like a palace for sure.

  14. What a gorgeous place, Did not get to Spello but visited many other places and have very special memories of Umbria. John McCormack

    • Spello is heavenly. It is near Perugia and Assisi.

  15. I adore flowers so these pics were just lovely! The hotel looks really nice and I love that the artichokes also look like flowers!

    • The artichoke was the best I have eaten.

  16. It looks like a great town to visit on my next trip to Italy. I put it on my “to see” list.Thank you for this interesting article and so many beautiful pictures.

  17. Your photos make me want to get out my passport. It has been years…way too many years since I’ve been to Spello. Thank you for reminding me how very beautiful it is.

  18. Just went to Spello yesterday (as we have since 2015), and I wholeheartedly echo your sentiments…it is not to be missed! 😊

  19. Off tomorrow

  20. Loved Spello & can’t wait to go again – La Cantina did not disappoint –

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