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When I tell people I spend 6 months every year in Italy a common remark is “You must love the food.” I certainly do, but I also miss the wonderful variety of delicious food we have here in Australia.

I live in West End, an inner city suburb of Brisbane, and minutes from my front door I can enjoy food from all corners of the globe, including Asian…Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and more, French, Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Indian…I could go on. I love the stunning variety on offer.

Here are just some of my favourite places to eat in my city. I will start with my regular haunts in West End.

The Morning After serves the most delicious all day breakfast and lunch and their coffee is great.

Eat in Brisbane

Lokal + Co has a Scandinavian influence.

Eat in Brisbane

It is hard to find better Greek food in this city than at Nostimo, the wonderful restaurant at the Greek Club.

Eat in Brisbane

Chop Chop Chang serves truly delicious Thai food. I love their bao, but you need to get in early as they often run out. The snapper spring rolls are amazing.

Eat in Brisbane

Mr Bunz also has great bao.

Eat in Brisbane

Ol’ School does the best fish and chips. Here is a tip. Order just one serve of chips for 2 or 3 people.

Eat in Brisbane

When I need at taste of Italy I go to Marchetti in the city centre for great coffee and a Napolitana sfogliatella. You really need to try one of these.

Eat in Brisbane

An eternal favourite place to eat is Harveys in James St, New Farm. If they ever take their Asian chicken salad off the menu there will be a riot.

Eat in Brisbane


I have only been once to Kin & Co Cafe in Tenerife but their pea pancakes will call me back.

Eat in Brisbane

We have many new restaurant in Brisbane right now. I have tried a few and was delighted.

Hellenika is quickly becoming everyone’s place to go for delicious Greek food.

Eat in Brisbane

Persone is an Italian resaurant in the brand new Brisbane Quarter in the city. It has fabulous views over Southbank as well as great food.

Eat in Brisbane

Mr Percival at the Howard Smith Wharves under the Storey Bridge is a great location and serves lobster rolls (among other things). It will be a good winter location for me. I found it much too hot to go back in summer.

Eat in Brisbane

I have been home for about 3 months and in just over a week I will be heading back to Italy for 4 months of Italian food…it’s a tough life.


  1. Mouth watering….

  2. Hi Deb, One word. YUM. The presentation of Morning After food looks gorgeous. I know what you mean about the lack of choice of food in Italy. When we lived in Milano in the late 80s it felt like you could count the non Italian restaurants on one hand.

    Been a while since I have spent quality blog time. So will look at reading a few of your back posts.


    • It is still rare to find anything other than Italian food in Italy. I don’t mind that, but I love coming home to a variety.

  3. Irresistible post 🙂

    Mouth watering too…

    • Thank you. Come to Australia to try some great food.

      • Sure, I would like to 🙂

        I just love food 🙂

  4. Wow!

    • We have some delicious food here in Australia.

      • You certainly do!

  5. Tough life indeed … but glad you are up to the challenge!

    • Years of practice.

  6. Food in Australia is excellent and eclectic. It was not always like that, but it has improved over the years and has nothing to envy to other renown places.

    • No, it has not been good in the past, but the food scene has improved enormously in the last 20 years.

  7. It makes me want to go on a food tour in Brisbane. Thanks a lot for all the info and great pictures.

    • Brisbane has some wonderful restaurants.

  8. Love Brissie.

  9. We are very spoilt for choice here in Australia aren’t we? 😉

  10. You are very lucky! It’s like a small New York City with all of the choices! When we went to Sydney I was so surprised at how big Chinatown was there!

    • We have a multicultural population and it is reflected in the delicious food.

  11. I was so pleasantly surprised at how the food scene has come up in Brisbane. I was spoilt for choice. I’ll keep this list handy for my next trip.

    • I have most of these great places witching walking distance of my apartment. I love it.

  12. They all look fabulous…we will have to visit soon.

  13. I LOVE this post! Great pictures!

  14. Now there are a few I haven’t try ..🧐 all delicious
    I always look forward to our food in Brisbane after my trips to Italy..
    While the food is amazing it’s not what I eat everyday at Home and look forward to 2 lamb chops and a Greek salad..👍🏻

    • I cook fairly simple meals at home. We have such wonderful ingredients is a easy to create a delicious meal.

  15. Oh… wonderful Westie!!!! Brissy does good food and such choice.
    Super post Deb!! Jx

  16. Very educative post with nice pics.

  17. I could almost eat my laptop screen, Debra. 😀 Wonderful photos of scrumptious food.

  18. And now I am hungry.

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