Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 20, 2018

Home to Australia

We flew into Brisbane early this morning. The sunrise from my window was stunning. Thank you Finnair and Qantas for excellent flights.

Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane


Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane

Sunrise Brisbane

I am happy to be back in Australia for a few months. Winter in Brisbane is glorious. After a cool start the day warmed up to about 22 degrees with blue sky and sunshine.


  1. Hi Deb!! Good to hear you’re safe home! I look forward to seeing you soon after you’ve settled back into the Brissy groove!!! Jxx

    • Coffee at Marchetti.

  2. Welcome back to Briz. I have returned to Briz after caring for my eldest Asperger and OCD son in Newcastle for the past 4 yrs. It is so good to be home again.

    • It is a great place to live.

  3. Am I correct in thinking you rarely return to Australia this early in the year?

    • I always come back to Brisbane for the winter, I love it.

  4. Welcome home Debi. Enjoy

    • Thank you. It is good to be home for a while.

  5. Wow what a beautiful welcome 💫✨

  6. It was much warmer today and no westerly winds

    • It was a gorgeous day yesterday.

  7. Welcome home! Winter here is indeed glorious.

    • I love winter in Brisbane.

  8. That first photo looks exactly like what I saw from the plane during my flight from Jakarta to Sydney last October. When I woke up and looked out of the window I was so amazed by the redness of the Outback. Ahh, I miss Australia.

    • The colours are amazing.

  9. Enjoy your winter!

    • Thank you. I miss Italy already but I am happy to be home.

  10. Glad to hear that you had a safe trip back home.

    • It is a long haul, but it is good to be home.

  11. Debra, I wish I had your photogrpahs in 1973, when returning home after 20 years away, I wrote: “To observe a sunrise from the passenger seat of any international flight is an exhilarating experince, but to see my first Australian sunrise in many years was unique. First a rosy pink blush appeared, which quickly transformed through burnt orange into the brilliant golden burst of the sun itself as it rose above the horizon. I had goose pimples,my eyes moisened and my thoughts became quite jumbled with emotion” – thanks and welcome home Kevin Palmer – Bangalow quote from “Boys’ Home to Broadway”.

    • Your description sounds just like my Australian sunrise!

  12. Cheers to a safe journey!

  13. Welcome home!! 😀

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