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Beautiful Capri

Capri has had a lot of practice being a beautiful island resort. It was the favourite retreat for Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius among others. Tiberius built several villas including Villa Jovis, one of the best preserved Roman villas in Italy. He lived on the island for the last ten years of his life, until 37AD.

We arrived by fast ferry from Naples on a lovely spring day. It is a 40 minute trip from the Volo Beverello wharf in the port of Naples.

The Funiculare is under repair so we took one of the tiny buses from Marina Grande that hurtle along the narrow street up to Piazzetta, the little square in the main centre of Capri.


After checking into our hotel we set off on foot to see the island. Some of the streets are impossibly narrow, but shops manage to squeeze themselves in.

Walking a little further along we passed a cactus garden. I’m not usually a fan, but this one could change my mind.


A cloud covered Anacapri for most of our visit, but it still looked dramatic.


It was also a little hazy looking down to Marina Piccola.



We stopped for lunch at a gorgeous restaurant with a view of Marina Piccola.


After lunch we walked past more beautiful hotels, gardens and shops.









Wisteria put on a good show along the way.



We took another minuscule bus up to Anacapri, the highest part of the island. This area is more quiet than the lower town. The mist meant that there were no good photos to be had from the top.

We wandered into the historical part of Anacapri and came upon the Red House. It looks old but it was built relatively recently, in 1876, by General John MacKowan from New Orleans. The house is an unusual mix of architectural styles. It is now a museum, but it wasn’t open.


A little further on is the much older Chiesa S Sofia dating from 1510. It has an interesting roof, with a newer addition in the form of a clock tower added in 1920.



There is a lovely piazza in front of the church.


Back in Capri the lights came on and people came out to shop and eat.

As you can see, there are some seriously narrow streets on Capri. Service vehicles have been designed especially for these streets.


The street cleaner is special too.


Capri is a gorgeous place, with much more to see than I had imagined. We will return to stay longer.


  1. Beautiful post…

    The place looks stunning for it’s location, architecture and colorful flowers all around…

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a beautiful day 🙂

    • Capri is one of my favourite places in all of Italy. I visited for the first time almost 45 years ago with my new son in my arms.

      • I am sure that Capri has maintained it’s charm even over half a century 🙂

        No wonder you are keep on visiting it…

        My blogging journey is completing 5 years and your’s is one of the first blogs I started following… So good to be in touch 🙂

        Have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. So beautiful.

    • It is a stunning island. It is easy so see why some many people visit.

  3. It is such a beautiful place even if it was cloudy. Actually, I prefer it that way, because when it is too hot and sunny, right in the middle of summer, you don’t feel like moving a finger. Too hot for walks….

    • We were very happy with the weather. It was warm, but not hot. I would never go there in summer.

  4. Another visit is needed

    • Many visits needed!

  5. One of my favourite places too. What lovely photos. Made me quite nostalgic. Looks like it was relatively quiet, not too many tourists yet.

    • The weather has been awful until recently so Capri was quiet. It will change now that the weather has improved

  6. Just gorgeous! I seriously need to win the Lotto so I can have a house there. Even with my seasickness, I would chance the ferry over and I never set foot on a boat/ship for anything!

    • I love Capri! I want to go often.

  7. Delightful

    • It is a beautiful place.

  8. Gorgeous! When I return to the area, I will now have to go to Capri. Thanks for your beautiful post!

    • You will not be disappointed.

  9. Capri is always a favourite place of mine to visit too. Preferably in Spring or Autumn when it’s not so hot or crowded. It is such a romantic and photogenic island! I’ll have to make plans to return….

    • I don’t know why I have left it so long between visits.

  10. I haven’t been there, but I get the impression that its difficult to take a bad picture there. Well done, Debra!

  11. Looks like a slice of Heaven

  12. What a beautiful place. Another destination to add to the ever growing ‘bucket list’.

    • That list keeps growing.

  13. Oh my word Debra, how divine!
    I am full of envy but not the nasty kind. What wonderful adventures you have! I am sadly unable to come to Bagna di Lucca this year, as I have a partial knee replacement to get behind me but it is still high on my list and I will be in touch again when it’s a reality. I am loving your posts!
    All the very best!

    • It is wonderful to be able to travel to so many great places.

  14. That is one high-tech street cleaner! Forget about the traditional stick brooms in Capri! And beautiful wisteria – what a great time to visit.

    • Spring is a glorious time to visit anywhere in Italy really. We loved our visit to Calabria and Sicily a couple of years ago.

  15. good post

  16. The place surely is beautiful. Hope I could go there some day.

    • Capri is a stunning place to visit.

  17. Debra, is this island the most expensive place in Italy? Your opinion.

    • I don’t know. Some of the Lake areas in the north are quite expensive, Venice is expensive.
      I think there is a mix in Capri. I certainly saw hotels that were less expensive than the one we stayed in. There seemed to be inexpensive places to eat. I think you could go there and enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money.
      There is certainly lots of luxurious places to stay and eat if that is your wish.

      • Thank you, Debra.
        The most expensive vacation is not my goal. A couple year ago, when my wife and I had a choice where to stay for two weeks, in Ischia or Capri, we chose Ischia. Maybe the reason were hot springs of Ischia.
        I don’t know why, but we even didn’t take an excursion to Capri. Probably we thought that it’s too expensive island.

      • I have been to Ischia too, and it is great. What a pity you didn’t take a day trip to Capri. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy. A day trip could cost no more than the ferry ticket and maybe a gelato.

      • I think I should. You took wonderful photographs. Many thanks.

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