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La Palma Capri

We stayed at a beautiful hotel on Capri, Hotel La Palma. I saw it when I was on the island in October last year and thought that I would like to stay there. Built in 1822, it was the first hotel on Capri and in 1826 a guest staying at the hotel, German poet August Kopisch, rediscovered the famous marine cave which he named Grotta Azzurra, Blue Grotto.

History aside, this hotel is gorgeous. Everywhere you are surrounded by understated elegance. I could easily move in and never leave. It is right in the heart of Capri, not far from the Piazzetta and steps away from shopping and restaurants.

We were early in the season, which has been late starting this year because of the awful weather, so there weren’t many people staying on Capri. We were invited to check in early and were upgraded to a room with a balcony. The charming gentleman at the desk gave us some excellent tips for what to see on the island. He led us through his own walk with photos he had taken himself…a great start to our stay.

Take a look at La Palma.

This was our room. Each one is different.

…and the rest of the hotel.

La Palma Capri


La Palma Capri


La Palma Capri

La Palma Capri

We don’t often eat at hotels, but we decided that since everything else was done well the food should be too…and it was. The lighting has given things an odd colour, but you will get the idea.

As well as the food, the charming Franco, in charge of the restaurant, was happy to talk to us about life on Capri. What a fabulous place to grow up.

Breakfast was an excellent send off.

La Palma Capri

La Palma Capri

I had to have a caprese salad on the island where it was first made.

La Palma Capri

We are thinking Capri might have to become a regular thing. Prince Francesco Caravita di Sirignano declared…There are two ways to see the world: one is by travelling, the other is by sitting on the terrace at La Palma and wait for the world to pass in front of you.

There will be more on Capri soon.

Hotel La Palma



  1. Fabulous! It looks like the type of place characters in films stay.

    • It is fabulous! We usually stay at more modest places but Capri is special and this hotel was perfect.

  2. Excellent choice! A beautiful classic…

  3. Fabulous!! What a beautiful hotel such a lovely spoil for you both x

    • Much more grand than our usual choices, and we loved it.

  4. Looks like the perfect time and place to visit Capri….cannot wait to see more fotografi

    • Capri is wonderful and the weather was OK. Not a lot of tourists about at this time of the year.

  5. Debra you have the right karma for Capri, as evidenced by your wonderful photographs. Have a wonderful northern Spring and Summer

    • Spring has just arrived and the trees are turning green at last. Capri is stunning. I love it!

  6. The white room … wow!

    • It is a gorgeous hotel.

  7. Wow this place looks like out of a movie! How incredibly beautiful debra!

  8. Debra, you can’t believe how much I enjoy your travels and finally saw where to comment! Such interesting tales and fabulous photos. I continue to send on to friends around the world. Thank you. Hotel La Palma here I come!

  9. That place is gorgeous! It kind of looks like a grotto itself, albeit a very grand one!

    • It is lovely. I wish I could move in and stay.

  10. How very beautiful – the painted effects are lovely. It’s interesting to see how they make their caprese salad. I like the thought of sitting there and having the world come to me: what a wonderful thing that would be.

    • I put the salad together from the breakfast table. There was a bowl of tomatoes, one of mozzarella and some rocket…delicious.
      I could most certainly sit on that terrace and have the world come to me.

  11. Good to See,& also Feel a Better Experience..

  12. Thanks for posting Really Such Things. I should recommend your site to my friends.

    • Please do share. Look back through the archives to see the places we have visited in Italy and around the world.

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