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Treasures in Naples

The Archeological Museum in Naples is full of treasures. We spent a few hours there on our first afternoon in the city.

Just about the first thing you see when entering the museum is the enormous head of a horse. It is the only part of an equestrian statue by Donatello to have been built. It was commissioned by King Alfonso V of Aragon and was originally designed to be placed in the upper part of the marble triumphal arch in Castel Nuovo (near the port). Work began in 1456 but was interrupted by the death of the sovereign (1458) and the death of the artist (1466)

Archeological museum Naples

From there various rooms beckon.

The Farnese collection of marble statues is quite something.

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

This one was enormous.

Archeological Museum Naples

She has a striking face.

Archeological Museum Naples

This one has amazing detail.

Archeological Museum Naples

The pieces I liked best were from the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum. I visited Pompeii 44 years ago and was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the excavated city. I have been back since and found it fascinating all over again.

The wall decorations would look great today.

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

This is a tray, decorated on both sides. I want one!

I’m sure I could find a spot for these too.

I love the small details of daily life. These beautiful glass items delighted me.

Archeological Museum Naples

This piece melted in the heat of the erupting volcano.

Archeological Museum Naples

There were ordinary household items like cake tins and urns, some highly decorated, scales and room heaters.

Archeological Museum Naples

…and other things just for fun.

The next pieces were excavated from a villa.

Archeological Museum Naples

The rooms of mosaics were a highlight for me. I feel a new hobby coming on.

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

Behind the mosaic rooms is a section that is a little risqué. These items were  taken from the “entertainment” area of Pompeii.

Archeological Museum Naples

Archeological Museum Naples

The museum itself is stunning. The staircase up to the second floor is magestic as it the enormous room at the top of the stairs.

Archeological Museum Naples

We didn’t see everything on offer, there is a huge Egyptian area that will have to wait until next time. There is only so much you can take in on one visit.



  1. Truly a great museum. Wonderful photos!

    • It is stunning! I missed it last time in Naples. This time it was the first place I visited.

  2. Thanks once more Debra. Your journeys and photographs have extended my traveler’s life now that I am 83 and have hung up my travelling shoes.. I wonder where next you will take me.

    • There is more Naples to come.

  3. I will make sure not to miss this museum when I go to Naples one day. It’s amazing how some items from the past look very similar with what some people around the world are still using today. One particular artifact ( reminds me of what the Japanese use to make takoyaki.

    • I had something just like this to make gem scones and the cake tins look like the ones we use today.

  4. We didn’t go to Naples last year. I will have to visit the museum next time. I love the mosaics. the portrait is beautiful. Louise

    • I loved the mosaics too. Up close they are amazing. Some of the pieces were seriously tiny. These works must have taken forever to create.

  5. It is a wonderful museum, thank you for sharing the photos.
    The Artemisia of Ephesus is a fascinating piece.

    • It is a fabulous museum. One visit won’t be enough.

  6. Great photos Debra, thanks for sharing. We visited the museum in ’14 after
    going to Pompeii and Sicilia. Was very impressed how artistic and creative the Italians were 2000 years ago. They produced treasures that we still admire. Will go. back this summer when I visit Napoli for research on my next Milan thrillers, “Vesuvius Nights.”

    • The work is stunning. These people were brilliant.

  7. What a fabulous museum. I particularly like the domestic objects that were from Pompeii – it’s odd to think that without the volcano nearly all of those things would have disappeared.

    • I loved the household pieces too, especially the glassware.

  8. This museum looks amazing!!! Thank you showing it to us.

    • It is amazing! We will be back.

  9. Looks like a fascinating museum! My parents are in the southern tip of Italy right now staying in Bernalda. Have you been? They have skyped me several times and it looks so beautiful. I’m excited to be bringing our kids on their first European trip this summer. We are going to Paris, London and then ten days hiking around Austria. I would love to do an Italy trip down the road with them.

    • We have been to Calabria and Puglia, but I don’t know that town. Italy is full of wonderful places.

  10. The detail is beautiful on these pieces….such craftsmen.

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