Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 16, 2018

Meet Lennie and Bob

This morning, while having coffee with a friend, I met Lennie and Bob. They are magnificent residents of the cafe on the Kangaroo Point cliffs in Brisbane.

Meet Bob, the smaller of the pair.

Bob the lizard

His markings are stunning.

Here is Lennie. He is enormous.

Lennie the lizard

Lennie the lizard

Lennie the lizard

Lennie and Bob are quite at home with restaurant customers. They make their way quietly around the tables hoping a tasty morsel might fall their way.

The restaurant is on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Brisbane river, so there is some suitable bush nearby where Bob and Lennie make their homes. I think life is good for the lizards.


  1. I actually don’t mind the resident water dragons but I don’t like them running over u der the table and just looking. Harmless but have long claws which are a bit scary. Love the BarSpritz ,Kangaroo Point Cliffs cafe .

    • They allow you to be close to them but not too close.

  2. Gorgeous creatures!

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  4. That sighting would make any meal so fun! I’m jealous! No lizards like that in Ohio haha

    • We see lots of them here in Brisbane, even close to the city.

  5. Debra Hope y ou have returned safely. I was in Kangaroo Point last weekend to welcome my nephew back for a week’s visit to Bangalow. Had lunch at Storey Bridge Hote, and then back down the coast. He lives in Ireland, and has my book for reading on the flight home tomorrow. Regards Kevin Palmer

    • I am in Hong Kong waiting for my connecting flight to Helsinki.

  6. What magnificent creatures! I’d love to have them in my garden but I think they would need jumpers on down here. I think Lennie gets a few more morsels than Bob, he may need to watch his waistline.

    • Lennie is twice the size of Bob. I’m surprised he moved as quickly as he did.

  7. 😱😱😱😱

  8. We used to have whole families of water dragons on the cliffs around Manly Beach in Sydney but we rarely see them anymore. There are fines if people take them but unfortunately I think that’s what happened. I was really happy to see the boys at Kangaroo Point.

  9. They’re really quite the models!! Look at those poses 😀

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