Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 19, 2018

Perfect weather in Helsinki and a winter swim

The weather was perfect for my Helsinki visit. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, there was no wind and snow was all about. The temperature was around -4, a delicious change from hot, steamy Brisbane.

I arrived in the early evening, grabbed my coat and headed off for a walk. I went to the harbour in time to see the last of daylight.


The Helsinki cathedral, Tuomiokirkko, is one of Helsinki’s most famous sites.



The strong men at the station looked great in the evening light.


The next morning I set off for the Allas pool. It is set on the edge of Helsinki harbour. I was not brave enough to jump into the sea pool. I saw the attendant breaking the ice on top.

Allas pool Helsinki

Alla pool Helsinki

I was happy to try the heated pool. It is a strange feeling to be swimming in warm water surrounded by ice and snow.

Allas Pool Helsinki

Then it was time for a walk around the city. The harbour is frozen.


The Suomenlinna ferry still runs.


Esplanadi park is snow covered.



Tuomiokirkoo looks spectacular against a bright blue sky.

Tuomiokirkko Helsinki


Children are making good use of the piles of snow around the city.


The sun will soon melt the snow on the shoulders of the strong men.


One of my favourite areas in Helsinki is Toolonlahti.






My walk took me around the edge of the frozen waterway.





There is always a little bit of unfrozen water for the ducks.



For the first time I walked across the frozen water, along with lots of locals enjoying a perfect winter day.

I wonder if he caught anything.


The sun occasionally hid behind a cloud.



I walked across the ice and back towards the city.


I will finish my walk with a silver tree…why not.


Thank you Helsinki for a beautiful stay.





  1. Winter certainly has its own beauty, love this city in any season.

    • nice cold trip what was the food like

      • The food is great in Helsinki, especially if you like fish.

    • It certainly does, especially on a gorgeous sunny day.

  2. What a change from Brisbane! Enjoy some cool air!

    • Helsinki was glorious this time.

  3. Hi Debra. I always enjoy reading about your trips to Helsinki. I know you’ve probably explained this a dozen times or more but I’m wondering why you fly to Italy via Finland. Is it for family reasons, cheaper or quicker for instance. If you don’t mind explaining one more time I would be very grateful😊 We are planning a trip later this year and I recently suggested we fly via Helsinki but could not explain to my husband why it was such a good idea (other than it sounds and looks like a great place to visit).

  4. Debra. I think I’ve answered my own question. I did some searching around on your blog and found your grandfather was Finnish. It all makes sense now. ☺ I think a visit is still a good idea.

    • There is a family connection, but I love Helsinki and Finnair is a good airline. The fares are good and the connections good. I always fly Finnair to Europe.

      • Thanks Debra. We will investigate the option.

  5. Cool!!!

    • Helsinki is cool, in more ways than one.

  6. Sound excellent weather. Yesterday we visited reindeer race in Oulu and the temperature was -18℃. 🙂

    • It was perfect winter weather.

  7. How beautiful Helsinki is in the winter!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your very nice day. I remember swimming in a pool in Alaska that was heated by a hot spring. It was -20 F outside. The water was extremely warm with lots of steam on the surface. I had icicles on top of my head, but the difficulty was walking back and forth to the changing area, not for the cold, but because it was so slippery – just a sheet of ice.

    • The pool was great fun.

  9. Oh Deb… I could sure use some of that cool weather… it looks fabulous!! What a great way to start your European winter escape….x

    • I love the cold, clear days.

  10. Enjoy…..see you soon…

    • I look forward to it.

  11. Loved your photos Deb. I was wondering too why via Finland. We haven’t booked flights home from BDL as yet so maybe….. is finland part of the Schengen Agreement? I will look into Finn air. Safe travels.

    • Yes, Finland is one of the Schengen countries.

  12. How lovely that you had sun AND snow for your visit! And well done for taking a dip at the Allas Sea Pool 🙂

    • I was very lucky with the weather. I wanted to try the pool in winter. I may go again when I return in summer.

  13. Wow it looks so stark and white and futuristic in Helsinki! 😮

  14. So fascinating photos.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed.


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