Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 13, 2018

Early birds

I miss the surf when I am in Italy so we usually make time for a visit to Main Beach before heading back. Brisbane is in the middle of a horrible heat wave right now…a good excuse for a swim.

I was up bright and early to go to the beach, around sunrise. Flocks of seagulls were to greet me. They were gathered on the very edge of the water, presumably waiting for things to be washed up for their breakfast.

Main Beach

Main Beach

Main Beach

They were looking into the waves, squabbling for position and not at all bothered about having me stand beside them.

The sky was a bit overcast, making sunrise a bit subdued. There were brief moments of colour.

Main Beach

Main Beach


We have had big seas lately and the sand was strewn with bits and pieces. Years ago, when we were children, we used to love to scour the sand after rough seas looking for treasure, but there wasn’t much on offer yesterday.

As part of the attempt to retain the sand on the beach plants have been introduced and seem to be thriving.

Main Beach

Main Beach

Goodbye for now Main Beach.

Main Beach


  1. Warm weather beaches offer so much to enjoy … plus a great place to rest and relax.

    • I love the beach. This is where I grew up. I spent most of my childhood in or beside the ocean.

  2. Lovely photos Deb…the weather is DISGUSTING….Enjoy your cool time away and be back safely for a cooler Brissie….x

    • I’m looking forward to snow in Helsinki. It has been snowing in Bagni di Lucca and Vergemoli so I could be lucky there too.

  3. February on Main Beach. Delightful! Europe has been cold and wet… let’s hope for an improvement…

    • I am looking forward to some cold weather. It has been extremely hot here.

  4. Sunrise on the beach is beautiful , isn’t it. This heat is so horrible, just raising an eyebrow raises a sweat. Have a safe trip – please take a selfie making a snow angel – all you need say to onlookers is “i’m Australian”!!

    • I am hoping for snow!

  5. We enjoyed a boogie board and surf this morning at main beach. Beautiful

    • I love the surf. I wish I could go there every morning.

  6. Beautiful photography

    • Thank you…good subject.

  7. Beautiful and so serene! Thank you!

    • Early morning at the beach is heavenly.

  8. It’s nice to make a pilgrimage to your favourite beach before heading back to Italy! It has been hot but not as hot as in Brisbane here in Sydney.

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