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Island salad..

I was recently on Capri, the stunning island off the Amalfi Coast. It finally dawned on me that the delicious salad of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, Caprese salad, was named for the island where it was first made. I am possibly the last person to realise this.

This salad is delightfully simple. The ingredients must be perfect. The buffalo mozzarella needs to be fresh, the tomatoes ripe, but not too ripe and the basil torn, not cut. The only other ingredients are olive oil, salt and pepper.

Caprese salad first appeared on a menu in the Hotel Quissana on Capri in the early 1920s and it now recognised all over the world.


It is served as antipasto, a starter, not as a side salad.

I made one for lunch.

Caprese salad

The olive oil I used was very special.

Olive oil

It was given to me by Filippo, who helps me with the garden at Casa Debbio. He tends an olive grove in Vergemoli and he picked and pressed the olives himself. I was delighted when he gave me a bottle of his precious oil. I have a little bit of Vergemoli here with me in Brisbane and it is delicious.

Did you all know that Caprese salad was named for the island where it was first made?



  1. I’m available for a taste test – cos you can’t keep the oil

  2. I had no idea, thank you for your information. Capri is on my bucket list.

    • You must go to Capri.

  3. When we look at it, the Insalata Caprese is in a way the antipasto version of The very patriotic Pizza Margherita, red, white and green. And no vinegar, please! Just the finest olive oil that you can find… you are lucky, Debra!

    • No, certainly no vinegar.

  4. Umm, you aren’t the last person to realise that 🙂 i love good olive oil and i’m sure Fillipo’s is bellissimo.

    • It is very special.

  5. We have a friend who’s family farm in Tuscany, and when he comes back from a visit, he always gives us a tin of their olive oil. The taste is unique and nothing like a lot of the bought olive oil.

    • Getting fresh olive oil is wonderful.

  6. No, I had no idea it originated in Capri either, Debra! Makes sense! My favourite salad, particularly in Italy!

    • I guess I just didn’t think about it before.

  7. Yes I did know that Deb. Love Capri and also the Insalata Caprese – have enjoyed it with you at your place in Bagni di Lucca as well.

    • Yes, Caprese means “of Capri”. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise.

  8. I NEVER made the connection between the isle and the salad either. Anther light bulb moment, eh?

    • The light finally came on for me.

  9. Even I knew that Deb !!! Funny old you!! Jx

    • It just didn’t enter my head until recently.

  10. Buona

  11. I agree, the ingredients must be perfect because of the simplicity of the salad. I love this salad in summer 😀

  12. Everything is simple in Italy, but so yummy!

    • The best ingredients served simply

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