Posted by: debrakolkka | May 19, 2011

Lovely knockers

There is a never ending supply of these. I see them wherever I go. I’ll be on the lookout for more on my way home. I am in Rome just now. I’m sure I will spot some here.

a Toledo knocker

Toledo again - not really a knocker

a simple Toledo knocker

knock on the door of the Cordoba Mezquita

a beautiful knocker in Jerez

another angle

a fishy knocker in St Tropez

a pretty French hand

a Bologna knocker

on an old orphanage door in Bologna

are they for keys?



I've never seen a unicorn before

A Genova knocker

an old Vergemoli knocker

I’m on the lookout for a fabulous one for our door in Vergemoli. The volcanic rock arch has been put in and is looking amazing. We need something really special for the door when it is finished.

Click here and here for more knockers.


  1. I love them Debra! Great insight to blog about them! 🙂

    • I love them. This is my third post on knockers.

      • Love the photos ,Debra! I have a framed picture of doors and knockers in my home over there. So cool!

  2. Beautiful! I’m surprised no one has mentioned the interesting phallic symbol in the second shot… wonder what this was home to originally…

    • I noticed, but I thought I would not say anything. I saw a few like this one.

  3. You and I both love knockers, and you’ve found some very handsome ones there. Especially love the yawning keyholes.

    • There are a few of these in Bologna, they were quite big.

  4. Love the title of the post and am glad to know that it is not about boobs! Great knockers for sure.

    • That would be a completely different type of post.

  5. Did you notice the unicorn knocker and the one above, had been “fixed”? I wonder what the storey behind that was? The Genova knocker could have been inspiration for a hat at a recent wedding!

    • Well spotted! I don’t know the story behind the knockers.

  6. Don’t take this the wrong way, darling, but I love your knockers. 🙂

    • Everyone loves Debra’s knockers 🙂

    • Thank you Celia and cityhippyfarmgirl.

  7. Some of the knockers appear to reflect the character of the place, for instance, the plain knocker of the orphanage. The worn dents on the door shows that the knocker in the third picture looks very heavy. I love the French hand knockers, especially the one holding the apple and the one from Genova, all very elegant. I’ve always been fascinated with knockers and letter boxes; so, it’s great to see more on your blog, Deb. Keep them coming!

    • I’m bound to find more.

  8. Is it rude to say nice knockers (after a title like that? :P)

    • I think it is perfectly acceptable.

  9. The Europeans love their knockers – Im sure there is a story with each one if only they could talk !!!!!

    • I too, would love to hear their stories.

  10. Love em 🙂 So much more interesting a good knocker huh (& so much classier than an electric door buzzer huh)

    • I want a big one for our door in Vergemoli, but how do I choose.

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