Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 7, 2017

Window shopping Florence

Window shopping in Florence is always fun. The new season fashion this winter had something for everyone. There was colour, neutrals, simple, embellished, winter white, black and prints. There were lots of reasons to pull out the credit card.

Florence winter 2017

Florence winter 2017

Florence winter 2017

Florence winter 2017

Florence winter 2017

Not everything appealed to me. I simply cannot imagine wearing these clown shoes…would you?

Florence winter 2017


  1. I loved the windows in Florence when I was there in early October. Thank you for sharing, it took me back….

    • I love the window displays in Italy. They have such style.

  2. You are right Debra, the clown shoes are awful. I love those two ivory outfits with the fur collars… Very chic!

    • The ivory is from Max Mara. They do the best coats.

  3. I think perhaps Eddie and Patsy of Ab Fab fame would be very happy with some of those things.

  4. There really is something about Florence. Years since I’ve been there but I get the feeling it still has the same magic in the shop windows.

    • Florence is wondeful!

  5. Love window shopping in Florence and itโ€™s terrible how that damn card jumps out of ones wallet

    • Credit cards seem to develop minds of their own.

  6. I love your posts on the fashion in the windows, I try to do it myself but somehow end up with me reflected or with light doing horrible reflective things. I would welcome your tips…And the fashion makes me wish I was more of a petite Italian build rather than the hefty kiwi kind!

    • Sometimes I put the camer lens directly on the glass and sometimes I go to the other side of the road and use the zoom. I can’t buy the clothes, but I do buy the accessories.

  7. The shop fitouts and displays are just amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • It is fun to wander and see what is on offer for the season.

  8. Such immaculate style… only in Italy !! I too did not like those dreadful shoes although I did spy others that looked interesting… even wearable !!! Jxx

    • There were lots of really stupid shoes around. I don’t know what the designers are thinking.

  9. I always love it when you show us the shop windows. Funnily enough I don’t like window shopping when you’re there but this way is fun!

    • I like seeing what is on offer for the season. I have a few regular places to shop in Florence where I know I will find things I like.

  10. P.S. not a fan of the clown shoes!

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