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Buffalo Bill was here

Antico Caffe Greco has been around since 1760, making it one of the oldest caffes in Italy. Only Florian in Venice is older. It was named after its Greek owner and has been a popular haunt for artists and writers since the beginning. It is in Via Condotti, not far from the Spanish Steps.

Its visitors include Casanova, Goethe, Stendahl, Keats and Buffalo Bill and friends.


I usually stand at the bar in the front of the caffe to have my coffee. It is fun to stand and act like a local and the coffee is very good and reasonably priced. The counter opposite is full of delicious looking cakes, pastries, sandwiches and chocolates.


It costs quite a bit more to sit inside at one of the tables, but the setting is so lovely it is worth doing sometimes.



The waiters just glide around delivering delicious things like my pistachio and ricotta cake and cappuccino.



The restroom is also lovely, quite a treat in Rome. There is an attendant and you will be required to leave a small fee, but that too is worth it.


Don’t miss Caffe Greco if you go to Rome, whether you join the locals at the bar or enjoy a table where Buffalo Bill may have sat.


  1. Just as it is the case with Florian in Venice, it is one of those placeson the “must go” list.

    • They are both wonderful and I always drop in for a coffee when in town.

  2. Buffalo Bill really got around. His circus-like Wild West show toured Europe 8 times! I bet he and his gang totally surprised the patrons of this elegant bar.

    • Would have liked to be a fly on the wall that day!

      • Me too!

  3. The photographs are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for this. It’s been on my to do list for years, this may have spurred me into action. I think the cake sealed the deal. I love the photo where you’ve caught the waiter in the mirror and a girl with long dark hair reading a book.

    • I’m sure you will like it. I loved that huge photo of Buffalo Bill and his mates. It is quite difficult to get photos inside as the rooms are small and I try to be as unobtrusive as possible.

  5. What a fabulous cafe, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.
    Added to the ever growing list of places and things to see and do in Bella Italia

    • There is a never ending list of fabulous things to do.

  6. Great post Debra! Will have to return to experience it!

    • It is a fun place to go in Rome. It wasn’t busy the afternoon I was there last week, but the front bar is full of people in the mornings.

  7. Love it Debra and photos beautiful. Has anyone a recipe for that divine cake?

    • I don’t, but somebody out there might see this and respond.

  8. Fantastic post, thanks! Have added it to my list of things to do in Roma this weekend!! Cheers, Lizzie

    • Have a cappuccino for me!

      • Will do! ;o) X

  9. Thank you Debra for sharing, this is indeed a wonderful Café, Florian in Venice is my favorite on rainy or sunny days. Coffee houses over the world are just so much fun and yes their restrooms are often quite extravagant.

    • I love coffee and it is almost always good in Italy. I have several places that I like to go to…Caffe Greco, Tazza D’Oro and St Eustacchio in Rome, Giacosa in Florence and the one across the bridge from our apartment. I miss them when I am back in Australia.

  10. Oh yes, that’s high on my list of ‘must do’ things in Rome now. And Rome’s high on my list of ‘must go back to soon’ places. Thanks, Debra.

    • Italy needs to be visited regularly.

  11. Beautiful! That cake is amazing!!! It all just looks heavenly. Thanks for the coffee break. I needed it.

    • The cake actually tasted as good as it looked.

      • Oh. That IS impressive. So rarely happens with desserts.

  12. Looks like a wonderful place! Interesting that standing like the locals is cheaper than sitting (a concept that makes sense, but one that is new to me).

    • That is quite usual in Italy, particularly in bigger towns and cities. In our little village it costs no more to sit down, but it can be quite a lot more in Rome, Florence, Milan etc. As the coffee costs as little as1euro it is not surprising that busy places don’t want you taking up space for ages.

      • Thanks for the good-to-know info!

  13. What an amazing looking place, Debra. And the food looks yummy too, I’d want to sit. Not a huge fan of standing myself.

    Sorry to be late getting here. It’s been a crazy weekend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I quite like to stand with the locals and listen on to their conversations, but in the village I always sit down and enjoy watching the morning buzz.

  14. now on my hit list, thanks!

    • Perhaps we will enjoy a cappuccino together there one day.

  15. Grazie mille for this beautiful tribute to Caffe Greco! It’s one of the places I believe every traveler to Italy should experience.

    • I think so too. I always have at least a coffee there, mind you, I have to fit in Tazza D’Oro and St Eustacchio as well.

  16. What a great place to stand and sip your coffee, so stylish!

  17. What a great place for a little decadence. 🙂 The pistachio and ricotta cake looks so delicious.

    • If you go to Rome you have to go there at least once. The cake was very good.

  18. Love this cafe! My husband is from Rome, so we go there often! Nice pics!

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