Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 8, 2017

First Snow

It is almost time for me to go home to Australia for a while. I am going back to sub tropical Brisbane, hot weather and beaches.

What could be a better send off than snow? When a friend and I heard that the first snow had fallen in Abetone we took off immediately to see it.

It was raining as we set off along the SS Brennero.

SS Brennero

Soon the rain turned to snow.

SS Brennero

The trees along the road became increasingly laden with snow.

SS Brennero

SS Brennero

Quite suddenly the road became very slippery and the car would not go any further. We reversed until we could find a place to put chains on the tyres. This may sound quite simple, but standing in heavily falling snow in puddles of icy water, reading instructions while trying to put on chains with freezing fingers is not easy.

It took a bit of trial and error and lots of laughs before the chains were in place and we were off again.

Snow chains

We were amazed at the amount of snow that had fallen overnight. Abetone was covered with a blanket of snow and it was still falling.




We found an open restaurant and dried off over lunch.

Soon it was back down the mountain.


Autumn is putting on a fine show in the mountains.

Snow Abetone

When I return next year I will be leaving hot summer for deep winter. Perhaps there will be snow in Bagni di Lucca and at Casa Debbio. I hope so.


  1. Wow, snow already?? Give me Brisbane weather any day! 😉

    • I prefer winter to summer. I’m not sure I would want to live with months of snow, but a little bit is fun.

  2. It is looking beautiful in spite of having to wear chains..

    • It is amazing how much snow has fallen. We need it after last winter’s drought, a dry spring and summer,

  3. Beautiful!

    • Abetone looks stunning with its white blanket.

  4. Beautiful! Safe travels Debra 🙂

  5. Wow, these are awesome photos, Debra…And how wonderful to see the snow before you head back to Australia! Safe travels

    • Thank you Margie. I am always sad to leave, but I know I will be back soon.

  6. I never again want to go to Abetone, the fear of that road trip was not worth what was there! And that was in the summer, let alone in the snow. You are very brave..

    • The road isn’t too bad when it isn’t slippery with snow.

  7. Oh Deb… it looks so beautiful.. hard to drag yourself away I bet!! Look forward to seeing you soon…Jxx

    • It is very beautiful here right now. It will be difficult to leave, but I like home as well.

  8. The snowy scenery is so magical and well done with the tyre chains.

    • We were not expecting quite as much snow as we found. It was great.

  9. Buon viaggio, Debra!
    Snow is not my favorite…can’t believe it how much it has fallen!

    • Thank you. I like snow, but I don’t have to live with it much.

  10. It’s gotten cold here in Switzerland, too. Snow in the higher regions already.
    Have a good trip back, Debra, and did you notice the eagle’s “tiny runny nose” in your photograph? I had to smile! I hope to see you soon in Bagni. Love, Sondra

    • I did see the eagle dripping from his beak…a lucky shot. I hope winter is not too cold for you.

  11. Amazing pics! Chains are never fun when it’s wet and cold. 🙁 Loved the tiny runny nose of the eagle! Safe travels.

    • It was our first time with chains. They are not easy! Anyway, it ended well.

  12. I love snow, well just for a little while. Have a safe journey back to Australia.

    • I like a bit of snow too. Thank you for your travel wishes.

  13. Lovely. Pictures……hope this means primavera will come early next year……it has been a very mild fall here in Maine and our first frost is forecasted for tonight……my gardens are half put to bed now and hopefully will be all done by the weekend. Buon viaggio and see you in marzo

    • We had a warm autumn in Vergemoli until now. The garden at Casa Debbio is pruned for the winter. I look forward to seeing it come back to life next year.

  14. How lucky you are to see such contrasting seasons each year. Beautiful photos.

    • This autumn has been gorgeous. I remember that we saw first snow together when you were here.

  15. The tire jewellery looks stunning.

    • Those chains are not easy to put on!

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