Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 22, 2017

Ponte degli Alpini

The symbol of the town of Bassano del Grappa is the stunning bridge over the River Brenta. The original bridge was designed in 1569 by Andrea Palladio to replace an old wooden bridge.

The bridge was damaged and restored many times until it was destroyed in WWII. Always a favourite of the Alpini, the famous Alpine Soldiers, it was completely rebuilt after the war. They took up a private collection to enable the bridge to be brought back to life.

When we were there earlier this year it was covered in scaffolding for some much needed renovation, but it didn’t take away too much from the impressive structure.

It is now a walking bridge and the views from the bridge up and down the river are spectacular.

Looking down towards the river reveals the interesting timber foundations.

The bridge is very popular with visitors.

At the entrance on the other side is a large painting of an Alpine soldier.

Bassano del Grappa is a delightful town sitting in the foothills of the Venetian Alps. I will show you more of the town in the next post.


  1. what a beautiful romantic bridge . Enjoyed the story, so far – bring on the rest of the story. thanks

    • Bassano del Grappa is lovely. We were delighted with our visit.

  2. Great photos. Hoping to explore Veneto someday

    • There are some lovely towns in the area. We want to explore more.

  3. Love Bassano del Grappo. A long time GC friend was an Alpini.

    • Sorry….Alpino.

      • They are very well respected in Italy.

  4. This town is gorgeous Debra. I’m sussing out towns like this, in hopes that one day I could own my own little apartment in Italy to vacate to once a year. That’s my dream…. 😉

    • Bassano del Grappa is a lovely town. It is good size, not too big or small, with lots to see and do.

  5. What a lovely place, Debra! Another one to fall in love wiith 🙂 🙂

    • There is an endless supply in Italy.

      • I know 🙂

  6. A lovely place! Another one to put on my list.

    • We really liked it and would definitely return.

  7. What a great place, lovely photos

    • Thank you, it was easy to take good photos here.

      • 😀

  8. Are there many covered bridges in Italy?

    • There are 2 in Venice, the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto, in Florence the Ponte Vecchio. Verona there is Castel Vecchio and there is one in Liguria and Aosta. These are the well known ones, but there are surely more. The one in Bassano del Grappa is quite different from the others.

  9. Special place for our family. Our grandfather crossed this bridge during WWI as a young interpreter with the Italian Army.

    • I could imagine troops in the town. I hate to think of the loss of life in wars.

  10. There is a famous alpini song about the bridge “sul ponte di bassano”.

    • I will have to keep an ear out for it.

  11. A very interesting story and a bridge worth visiting. I found this which will give some additional details

    • The bridge is great and the town was a lot of fun.

  12. And the Alpini singing the song mentioned by Francis

  13. Visited several years ago and just loved it, too. So much history charm. The Alpini museum is fascinating. Of course we did a grappa tasting which was wonderful as well.
    Your post motivates me to return!

    • We didn’t go to the museum, a good reason to return.

  14. Far from stunning, hope it does not crash while you are on it. They have had centuries to fix the thing.

    • You clearly didn’t read the post. It was completely rebuilt after being destroyed in WWII. We felt quite safe walking across it and I, and many others, think it is beautiful.

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