Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 17, 2017

Winter at the beach

I love coming home to Queensland for winter. The weather has been particularly good lately..time for a Noosa beach visit.

We woke up to this view from the hotel balcony.

The pool looked great, but I prefer the beach just a short walk away. Here is Noosa beach early in the morning.

It just keeps getting better as the day goes on.

I love nothing better than diving into the cool ocean.

Later in the afternoon a golden light descends on the beach, the perfect time for a walk.

…beautiful Noosa.


  1. Yes it is one of the best beaches anywhere. Uniquely Noosa.

    • They don’t come much better than Noosa.

  2. Love Noosa too, Debra! Best time of the year to be there. Great photos…

    • I love winter in Queensland.

  3. Oh you are killing me Debra…..Was 8 degrees here yesterday in Melbourne. How I wish I was in Noosa right now…. Enjoy.
    Lorelle X

    • It is around 24 degrees here during the day…perfect.

  4. Lovely once again…..

  5. Sailing around Elba is almost as good

  6. if thats winter…..then summer must be super gorgeous haha happy bloggig

    • If you click “At the Beach” at the bottom of the post you will see the beach in summer.

  7. Noosa is beautiful in any season….

    • It is always stunning. We are lucky to live close by.

  8. very very nice. beautiful beach.

    • Noosa is beautiful. The beach is great and there is a national parks nearby.

  9. Gorgeous photos Debra!

  10. Any suggestions for accommodation in Noosa and the best Coffee?

    • This time we stayed at Mantra on Hastings St. We have also stayed at Sebel, which was good. We also love Little Cove Court, but it is a long time since we have been there. The coffee is good in the bakery in the French Quarter at the national park end of Hastings St.

  11. What a glorious sand castle and i love the late afternoon colours on the beach.

    • The golden light is lovely.

  12. Absolutely beautiful pictures of Noosa. I miss Australia so much. Thank you for sharing.

    • I love Noosa. There are more photos taken in summer if you look at the post called At the Beach at the bottom of the page.

      • Thank you Debra, I will do that!

  13. That sand castle is amazing! Ahh we are freezing now in Sydney. Lucky you having the warmer weather.

    • Queensland does winter very well.

  14. Good morning been following you for a while have just moved from Melb to Noosa and purchased the Butchery next to Coles .Pop in say hello if your still here .Mick!!!

    • Good move! We are back in Brisbane now, it was a quick trip. We are actually planning to move to Noosa in the next couple of years, so we will definitely make ourselves known.

  15. […] Noosa is excellent in winter, so a beach visit in July seems like a good idea. […]

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