Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 3, 2017

Neptune undercover

The fabulous Neptune fountain in the Piazza Signoria in Florence is being renovated.

The artwork will be restored and the waterworks renovated. The marble surfaces will be cleaned and any unstable marble will be removed and replaced. The bronze sculptures will be removed to allow access to the pipes carrying water to the spouts. The bronze figures will then be renovated and replaced…a huge job.

I feel a bit sorry for one time visitors to Florence who will miss seeing this magnificent fountain, but these things have to be done.

Meanwhile Cosimo de Medici will keep an eye on things.

The money for the project is being donated by Salvatore Ferragamo. The work is expected to be finished by a December 2018. The renovated fountain will be uncovered on December 10, the anniversary of it original opening in 1574.


  1. Yes, went to Rome last year and The Spanish Steps were closed for renovation but as you say these things have to be done!

    • The Trevi Fountain has been cleaned and is looking amazing.

  2. What a shame it will be covered when we are there next May. At least we will still have the fine form of Hercules to ponder.

    • At least you have seen it before, and hopefully wil again.

  3. Now there’s another reason to return!

    • Yes, a sparkling new Neptune.

  4. The Fountain of Neptune in Bologna is covered up too, so we will have to go back to see it. I would love to go back to Rome too and see the restored Trevi Fountain.

    • The Trevi looks wonderful, all sparkling clean.

  5. Great to hear that the magnificent fountain is being renovated through Salvatore Ferragamo’s generosity. It is not only a cosmetic job but also a way of preserving it for future generations.

    • I think it is wonderful that Italian companies are stepping up to fund these restorations.

  6. Love your dry humour regarding the Neptune Fountain under Cosimo’s watchful eye! Yes, it is indeed a magnificent fountain. It’s great that the Florentines take pride in keeping it in good condition over the years.

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