Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 30, 2017

In the middle of nowhere

We were driving through the gorgeous countryside in the Maremma area of Tuscany, surrounded by new spring growth…

When we came upon the ruins of a tiny church between olive trees. We drove on a little further and found the road that led to the crumbling building.

We discovered it is the remains of the Monastero di San Bruzio, The Church of John the Baptist.

There is a surprise at every turn when driving through stunning Tuscany. This is an area that needs further investigation.


  1. lovely counryside thanks symon in ireland

    maybe il come for 3 days o visit only when you are both there POSSIBLE `?


    • We are leaving for Australia next week. I will be back in September, we will other be here in spring next year.

  2. I visited these places many times.I want to suggest everyone.This is awesome place to visit.
    John Pellow Brisbane

    • It is a fabulous area, we will return.

  3. What a lovely surprise to find the church….and in such beautiful countryside.

    • I spotted it as we were driving past, so we turned around to investigate.

  4. As it is many times the case whenever you travel in Italy, you found by chance a hidden gem in Maremma: San Bruzio. Here is the story
    Thank you for sharing it.

    • I love finding these little treasures.

  5. Nothing humdrum about life in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy it’s just remaining open to all the possibilities. Spent quite a bit of time in the Maremma and never came across that church.

    • Not sure why my comment came up as anonymous Roz

    • Blink, and you would miss it.

  6. Love your posts. Love Tuscany. Have family and born in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana my first home until 6 months old. 🇮🇹🇨🇦

    • Our Casa Debbio is in Vergemoli. I know Castelnuovo well.

      • How far from Castelnuovo?
        My uncle and aunt has hotel and restaurant there.
        Would love to see your place someday.

  7. So beautiful. Debra. 🙂

    • The whole area is gorgeous.

  8. Ah, I do agree….I have had many happy days in Tuscany over the years….

    • We are lucky we can spend so much time here.

      • Indeed!

  9. I wonder why the Monks left it. Even as a ruin, in such a setting, it’s quite lovely and the land around it looks as if it would be good farm land.

    • Who knows? It is completely surrounded by farmland now. It would have been a pleasant place to live.

  10. Lovely shots. So many places in Italy i don’t know about … Louise

  11. How right you are about driving through Italy yielding many surprises!

  12. What stunning ruins! Thanks for sharing 😀

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