Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 26, 2017

Afternoon tea at Casa Debbio

Yesterday was a gorgeous day at Casa Debbio.

The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot, there was a light breeze…perfect for afternoon tea on the terrace.

We don’t have a cover on the pergola yet so we used the other table under the umbrella.

The garden is full of flowers.

I prefer to leave them on the plants, but I did pick a few.

The afternoon was enjoyed by all…Angela, the cake stand is now cakeless.


  1. What a lovely afternoon. And the setting is magic… love those cake stands…

    • Angela, the cake stand, is very popular.

  2. What a stunning setting ❤️

    • The views from Casa Debbio are magnificent. The house is available for rent in summer…tell your friends.

  3. A place from Heaven

    • It was certainly a heavenly day yesterday.

  4. The garden has changed a little since we were there 2 months ago! Looks great

    • I will do a post soon with more of the garden. It has really come along this year.

  5. What a fabulous way to spend a glorious afternoon … well done Deb! The cakes looked delicious !! Jxx

    • I didn’t make the cakes, they came from lovely Paolo’s cafe.

  6. It looks magnificent as always. We often talk of our wonderful week at Casa Debbio.

    • The garden has really come on this spring. It will be difficult to leave.

  7. That view is hard to beat, the cakes look amazing.

    • The view is amazing. The cakes came from Paolo.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Deb – can’t wait to see it

    • Soon, and there will still be peonies.

  9. Beautiful flowers,wonderful setting,amazing view.I want to be there.Love this place.
    John Pellow Brisbane

    • Casa Debbio is available for rent in summer. We are here right now getting it ready.

  10. Table created with love & care, stunning view and delicious food, sounds a pretty darn perfect afternoon 🙂

    • It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

  11. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, paradise with great cakes!!! Thanks luv

    • Thanks to Paolo for the cakes.

  12. Beautiful setting, and love the vintage cake plate!

    • That’s Angela, she’s gorgeous.

  13. What a delight!

  14. All very pretty. Very interesting flower arrangement, haven’t seen one like it.

    • I bought the crown in Pietrasanta and filled it with flowers from the garden.

  15. What a stunning setting, garden looking great and views to die for!

    • The view from Casa Debbio is spectacular.

      • 😀

  16. That’s just magical! I love Angela and the beautiful flower crown – i imagine that you also wore fabulous hats. Such an unbelievably lovely setting.

  17. Oh Deb, you must be so happy! It looks wonderful.
    Spoke toCherry this week. I presume you will still be there.
    Kerry and Jim in their new home!
    I have to plan a trip ” south”

    Regards Judi

    • Cherry and her friend Helen were here for afternoon tea. I am hoping Jim and Kerry will come later in the year.

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  18. Ohh those cakes look so good! And your garden too. While in Bologna last week we saw so many wonderful cakes and biscuits in beautiful small shops.

    • I love Bologna, they do cakes very well.

  19. Gorgeous…..I am fondly remembering our lunch with you a month ago and strolling through your gardens…..

    • The weather was a bit warmer this time.

  20. You lead a charmed life!

    • I guess it is pretty good, but please note that I built most of the gardens at Casa Debbio.

  21. Such a delicious post.

    • It was a lovely afternoon.

  22. Ohhhhh… Debra!!! …. what a delightful afternoon tea! everything is a work of art!wish I was there in person to enjoy the food, the company and the scenery. At least, we can share that experience virtually.

    • The garden is stunning right now.

  23. How sublime!! I’ll be on the next plane over! 😀

    • Whenever you are ready.

  24. Wow it looks so beautiful now. I remember when it was a pile of rocks and a vision.

    • It has certainly changed a lot.

  25. What a perfect day. Your garden does you proud Deb. It looks fabulous.

    • You will have to come back to see the changes.

  26. Debra what a beautiful setting you have created at your lovely home! The perfect place for tea! Wonderful!

    • We are very happy with the progress this year in the garden.

  27. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous Debra. I love it all, flowers, table setting, food and the sublime scenery.

    • All seasons at Casa Debbio are wonderful, but spring is spectacular.

  28. Absolutely love the setting. Hoping to have it one of the days with you in Italy. alla prossima!

  29. I love the flower arrangement! What a wonderful idea!

  30. Angela is gorgeous and so are all those bright beautiful flowers. Afternoon tea looked like a treat!

  31. Dang. That’s a spot for afternoon tea if I’ve ever seen one

    • Our view is spectacular!

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