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Acropolis now

We are in Greece. What could be a better introduction to this country than a visit to the Acropolis high above Athens? Acropolis means high point of the city and it certainly is just that. It sits 150 metres above sea level on a flat top rock.

Pericles coordinated the construction of the buildings we now see in the 5th century BC. The latest restorations began in 1975 and are still going on.

It looks impressive from below.

Our point of entry was the Propylaea, a stunning building with its columns jutting  towards the sky.

At the side is the lovely little temple of Athena Nike.

We did not have the Acropolis to ourselves. This is the most crowded historic site I have ever visited.


The Parthenon is the most famous of the ancient buildings. Restoration is still happening here.

It is stunning. Wouldn’t it be great to have seen it when it was new?

My favourite building was the Erechtheion with its 6 caryatids, or young women. These are copies. One was stolen by Elgin and the others are stored safe from the elements.

The Theatre of Dionysus is huge. Looking down on it is most impressive.

Athens spreads out behind it.

There is also a smaller theatre, Odeon of Herodus Atticus.

Crowds gathered here for great views.

The entire site offers great views of the enormous city below and some of the many other ancient sites.

It costs €20 to enter the Acropolis, money well spent. Go early.




  1. We haven’t been to Athens for many years so thanks for the reminder and lovely photos. Seems the crowds are just as busy as our visit but that is inevitable at one of the world’s iconic buildings.

    • It must be a nightmare in summer. It was crowded, but OK. It was worth sharing this amazing place with a few other people.

  2. Stunning Deb

    • Absolutely stunning. I have seen photos, but nothing really prepares you for the sheer size and magnificence of the place.

  3. I agree Deb – magnificent – I visited Greece and the Acropolis on our first ever visit to Europe in the mid 70’s and was in awe – glad you are there and taking such stunning photographs. especially as I am unable to locate our pictures and they wouldn’t be as good as yours anyway.

    • It is incredible. Athens is lovely and the weather perfect.

  4. Interesting post. Check our new travel blog at Cheers 👍

  5. Waooo Greece is beautiful country, thanks for great pics of historical places. Awesome….

    • We loved Athens, there will be more posts on Greece soon. We are currently on Santorini…very nice.

  6. Fascinating! It brought back memories of my first experience walking through the acropolis. Those six caryatids in the Erechtheion made a lasting impression on me. Nice photos and post.

    • They were my favourite things there. It is a stunning place.

  7. ah in the old days you could go up before dawn

    • That would be wonderful.

  8. dont forget to visit the archaeological museum not just the acropolis museum

  9. Love your title!!

    • It was the title of a Greek comedy in Australia some time back. It was made by some wonderful Greek actors and was very funny.

      • But it had me thinking of it as a play on words…Apocalypse Now

      • Clever, I wish I had thought of that.

  10. How thrilling to be there. The architecture is stunning. I’ve been watching Rick Stein’s Venice to Istanbul and in the programme i watched last he was in Greece …. i sooo want to go and your photos confirm that addition to my bucket list.

    • That was a great series. It inspired me too.

  11. Lovely! Brings back memories of a long ago visit. Have been dreaming of returning. Enjoy Greece.

    • This is my first trip to Greece. It is stunning.

  12. Visited the Acropolis two years ago around the same time. Had the oldest guide ever, which seemed somehow appropriate. 😉 I strongly recommend hiring guide, it helps to navigate the crowds and hear all the essential historical bits.

    • We didn’t do that, what a pity. I will remember it for next time.

  13. Ohh I’m jealous that you are in Santorini, I waned to go there this year, but other things have got in the way. Athens is on my to do list now as well.
    Thanks for the pictures.

    • Today we sailed around some of the islands and I swam in the sea…very cold, but great.

  14. Green with envy! Enjoy your trip!

    • Greece is wonderful. Santorini is gorgeous.

  15. I’m continually amazed by the fact that some of those ancient buildings have withstood the ravages of time! I understand some parts have been replicated, but, as you say, Deb, they’re still stunning and worth a €20 visit. Wonderful photos as always.

    • It is incredible that enough of these buildings survive to give us an idea of the magnificence these people were able to achieve.

  16. Glad that restoration is continuing on this magnificant structure. Such a shame that it wasn’t preserved over the centuries. It is breathtaking to stand and admire the architecture and construction. And we were amazed at just how huge the city of Athens is. We loved it too.

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