Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 4, 2017

Another rainy day

We returned to Pietrasanta with friends…and it rained again. It didn’t matter, Pietrasanta shines even when it is wet. As well as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers there is other art on display in the town.

There are gorgeous old doorways.

…an interesting window.

This fabulous font dates from the 1500s.

Here are a few more chilli shots.

We had lunch at this pretty little restaurant…Ristorante Quarantuno.

The food was excellent.

I have spotted a few things in the lovely shops that need to come home with me…I will return soon. Perhaps the sun will shine.


  1. Sure were a lot of big chillis!The verdis gris door is gorgeous. Foods look good.

    • Pietrasanta is full of delights.

  2. ‘It’s charm’ is bad grammar. You should use the correct third person neuter possessive pronoun ‘its’. ‘It’s’ is the elision form of ‘it is’. Sorry to be so pedantic but as a teacher of English in Italy I need to point out this mistake.

    • It was most likely caused by spell check. As you follow my blog regularly you will know that I have a reasonable grasp of grammar. I have corrected the mistake.

    • I didn’t even notice as I was enchanted by your post Deb and the beautiful photos – there are always those who only see the negatives

    • Oh wow is that all you noticed of this fantastic post –

    • We loved Pietrasanta… and had lunch close to Quarantuno. And I love grammar police. 😜

      • My grammar is actually pretty good. I had a mother who was a stickler for good grammar and Mrs Folliet from grade 5 sorted everything out.

  3. Love Pietrasanta – more visits needed

  4. Never knew Pietrasanta was this cute even though I live pretty close to it >< and yeah it has been raining all the time and so cold here @@ where is spring?!

    • Pietrasanta is great. You must go.

  5. Such a lovely place…always has interesting art on display. Looking foward to seeing your purchases in an upcoming post.

    • There are a couple of things that need to live at Casa Debbio.

  6. I love the statue of the Centaur……

    • It is wonderful. I have seen more of the artist’s work in Pietrasanta and Sicily.

  7. I loved Pietrasanta! I have some lovely boots I purchased there that bring back wonderful memories. It was very helpful to have such a terrific guide the first time we went 😄

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