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Spring shop windows 2017

On a rainy day when there was nothing to be done in the garden I went to Florence to see the spring fashion. It is cold and wet, but that doesn’t matter.

Some of the recent autumn runway shows have been a bit scary. The clothes in many cases were ridiculous so it is a relief to see that by the time they get to the shops they are toned down considerably. The autumn collection is going to need a serious workover. If you don’t believe me go online and look at Gucci for the autumn/winter season.

Anyway, I took these photos from the shelter of my umbrella.

Roberto Cavalli has pretty florals for the spring.

Roberto Cavalli

Max Mara always has elegant, wearable clothes…and great windows. I love walking into the shop in Via Tornabuoni. It was once a bookshop, you can see some of the elegant bookshelves and there are stunning frescoes on some of the walls.

Gucci is too frilly and fussy for me.

Dolce & Gabbana is subdued this season after a gorgeous, flamboyant collection last year.

Dolce & Gabbana

Local chain Patrizia Pepe does a good job in a much lower price range.

Patrizia Pepe

Miu Miu is having a retro moment.

Prada has belted leather jackets.

I think this is Valentino…I should have taken notes.


Alberta Ferretti is a favourite of mine.


I like the fun of Moschino.


Pucci looks great. The black hat is a bit of fun, but your hands would be kept busy parting the fringe so you could find your way to the beach.


Fendi has great windows.


Celine is elegant.


Handbags this season are a mixed bag…mostly small and embellished. It seems we are over large handbags.

These are from Gucci…

…and this one is from a low cost chain.



Shoes are high, flat, sometimes plastic and sometimes worn with socks…no thanks.

Here are some slippers for your Yeti from Miu Miu. They look a bit like the Cookie Monster wearing a pearl tiara.

Miu Miu

Did you see something you like?



  1. Your fashion colleague here — Agree totally about Gucci for spring. Max Mara looks very wearable. Liked the Dolce & Gabbana of course.. Some shoes , even for me, look silly, others lovely. Adobe Patricia Pepe – always on trend and an affordable brand. Thanks Deb for that post – more please next time you are in Florence. Also is my favourite fashion boutique still in Lucca – remember where we bought me a couple of magnificent outfits?

    • I haven’t been to Lucca yet. I will be there next week.

  2. I love the Max Mara white coat with black cropped pants, in case you’re looking for something for my birthday? Hope you treated yourself for your special day next week?

    • I did buy something from one of my favourite shops near Pitti Palace.

  3. liked this post very much thanks can you do a mens fashion thing as well next time cheers sy


    • There was not a lot of interesting men’s fashion, but I will go back and try again. I might go to Forte dei Marmi, there are some great shops there.

  4. Wonderful post! I love checking out the window displays in Italy – even in the smaller towns they are still impressive. Also as a Queenslander I love looking at their classy winter fashions so beautifully tailored and often made of cashmere. Especially when visiting a rather wealthy part of Italy such as Milan and Como. ❤🇮🇹

    • There are excellent fashion shops all over Italy, but I think Milan had the very best. I love to watch the elegant people in the streets, especially in winter with the lovely coats.

      • Yes you are right

  5. Yes I did see a couple of things – I did love D & G last year – Moschino looks very 70’s – I saw a lady at the ballet with one of the new Gucci bags – great photos

    • I prefer last year’s D&G, but there will be more time come. I will go to the FdM store, that is a good one.

  6. Liked the Roberto Cavalli

    • I like s bit of Roberto.

  7. So many goodies here that I would love to buy! I had to giggle at the Cookie Monster ones though because that is exactly what they look like! 😀

    • I thought of the Cookie Monster immediately.

  8. Roberto Cavalli for me for both the fashion and of course the coffee.

    • Oh yes ! Absolutely love the Roberto Cavalli store in Florence and the gorgeous cafe/bar. We visited it a number of times. Thanks Deb for the photos. Max Mara is always stunning and Fendi’s windows.
      We, Marko and I, will be in Lake Como for 5 weeks in June/July, so looking forward to seeing Italy again! You make me want to be there now! 🙂

      • Giacosa is always my first stop in Florence. It is my favourite cafe in the world, if only for the people watching, but the coffee is good too,

  9. Gorgeous. Wish I was there. Love fendi and prada and ……

    • I love window shopping in Florence.

  10. I have been waiting for your Florence shop windows post! Thank you for the virtual shopping trip. The collections are lovely. That Celine dress is most elegant and what fun to have a reason to wear it!

    • The Celine dress is lovely. I am not usually a fan, but I like that dress.

  11. I like the D &G black and white polka dot ensemble. A very classy classic. The matching handbag is beautiful. And I also like the Pucci dress with black top and printed skirt… very Pucci…

    • I love Pucci this year.

  12. That Gucci handbags appear to have a strong Indonesian influence

  13. I love the Roberto Cavalli.

  14. gorgeous….

    • There are lots of lovely things to choose from.

      • Debra I am trying to change my subscription email to your blog to my personal email address as per request from our Managers to not have stuff coming to our work email. I couldn’t do it from my end for some reason. Are you able to update it to please.


      • I don’t think I can do it from my end. Maybe from you home computer.

  15. I love this post! and I love the floral & geometic patterns. I can definately see that pink is the most seen color lately and also I wrote about this color in my blog!

  16. I really enjoyed the post. Loved seeing the fashions and most of them I like although I wonder what Gucci was thinking and no thank you to the Prada belted jackets. Your comment about “slippers for your Yeti from Miu Miu. They look a bit like the Cookie Monster wearing a pearl tiara” made me laugh and I totally agree. 😀

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  18. I like the Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Céline clothes here the most… but especially the Céline! That dress is heaven on Earth!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, hun. It was lots of fun to read and to look at all of the pretty pictures!

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    You will be mesmerized!!!

  19. i am actually liking d pops of the pinks….something i was waiting for….

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