Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 23, 2017

My Ponte Balcony

Yesterday I planted daffodils and pansies on our Ponte a Serraglio balcony. In autumn last year I had to take the old daffodils away as they were taking over the pots. They now live at Casa Debbio and are just about to flower.

My new plantings look a bit meagre, but the pansies will grow and be gorgeous in no time.

Ponte daffodils

Ponte Daffodils

Ponte daffodils

Ponte daffodils

They certainly brighten up an overcast winter day.



  1. Lovely pot plants every late winter. You sure have a green thumb Deb.

    • The balcony look a great with a bit of colour.

  2. Looking like spring already.

    • It is still winter and I like it that way, but the daffodils are a sign that spring isn’t far away.

  3. Lovely to see your spring flowers at n bloom Debra.

    • I like to see flowers on my balcony.

  4. They will look even more lovely in a few days. I love the color combination.

    • Yellow makes a good show and I love purple.

  5. Good to see you have arrived and all is well !! Pretty flowers

    • All is good here. I am pleased to be be back.

  6. So very Spring like……we are off this evening and should be in Lucca sometime around 1500 tomorrow…..ciao

  7. A colourful addition to the balcony. Are you planting on the bridge again this year?

    • I will do the bridge next week. The weather has changed a bit and is now overcast and a bit chilly.

  8. A touch of color to a beautiful view of a gorgeous valley.

    • I like to have flowers on my balcony.

  9. What lovely vibrant colours. Your Ponte balcony brings pleasure to so many people. We are currently experiencing Storm Doris in the UK, so I will be glad to leave on Sunday. I am spending March in Lucca, it will be lovely to catch up with you Debra.

    • I look forward to seeing you in March.

  10. Looking pretty already

    • It shows ld look even better when the pansies grow.

  11. How lovely and pansies are such rewarding little things.

    • They are such happy little flowers.

  12. Oh a sign of spring!!!

    • It can’t be far away.

  13. Pansies are not only pretty but they seem quite sturdy. I recall seeing them under snow in Venice, and then chipper as could be in a day or two.

    • I’m counting on that. We sometimes get snow in March.

  14. Hi Debs, Will miss the daffodils..will you still be there in May ? Luv

    • Yes, we are here until early June. We are going to Greece sometime in May for about 10 days.

  15. Be patient! Here with Storm Daisy the daffs have been collected and taken in doors.They will so be my companions!

    • I hope everyone will be OK.

  16. Lucky you. There is spring already where you are. 🙂

    • Just a couple of early signs. Winter hasn’t left us yet.

  17. I love it when the daffodils arrive!! Spring feels so imminent…:))

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