Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 1, 2017

When I’m 64

In 1967 when the Beatles released that song I was 13. 64 seemed very old and a long way off, but it seems quite young now that I am there. “Will you still need me, will you still feed me?”

I suppose I am needed. I can feed myself, but after 63 years of doing so I still manage the occasional food dribble down my shirt. I must keep practising. Today I practised with spaghetti vongole.

spaghetti vongole

John Lennon wrote “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”  I think I need to make serious plans for the rest of my life…there is much to see and do.


Thank you for all the birthday messages. I have woken up to a gorgeous winter morning. Here is the view from my balcony.

Ponte a Serraglio

My daffodils are drying in the sun after a rainy night…all is well with this little part of the world.

Ponte a Serraglio





  1. How to fit it all in, Debra. That’s the problem. I’m fast running out of time.

    • Fitting in everything we want to do is becoming a problem.

  2. Your blog made me laugh. Lovely tempting meal. I’m in my sixties too. Living in the US now (British though), but still dream of Italy every day and get there as much as I can. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have had all but one of my birthdays in Italy for the last 14 years. It was my 50th birthday when we first came to Bagni di Lucca and decided to buy here.

      • Yea, we’re looking to buy too, for retirement. Tough from the US though! Glad you’re living the dream!

  3. Isn’t that like the new 30? 😉

  4. Happy sweet 64!

    • Thank you. I remember well being sweet 16…seems like only yesterday.

  5. We must be fellow Pisceans- I just turned 65 last Saturday! Happy birthday and you are definitely living the dream. ❤🇮🇹💙🇦🇺

    • Thank you, I know I am lucky and get to do great things

  6. Congratulations Debra on reaching 64 and I truly hope that you had a fantastic day…

    “Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more?
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?”

    • Doing the garden sounds like a plan. I have 100 lavender plants to put along our driveway.

  7. I’m sensing a birthday … A toast to the fine lady! …. and as you remember, I was a bit more than a week ago.

    • Fellow Pisceans. I think 1953 was a good year.

      • oh yes … 1953 was a very good year … and we are the evidence! … but, I’m Aquarian.

      • I’m married to one of those.

      • After all, fish need water.

      • You are in good company.

  8. Ha – indeed you are doing the garden and digging the weeds. Next time I slurp and slop my food I shall remember to beam at the assembled company and say “need more practice” – love it🤗

    • The garden at Casa Debbio is calling me right now,

  9. Happy Birthday Debra and hope you have many more Spaghetti Vongole dishes. I think you have an exciting and adventurous life. Going to Cabarita this weekend with a friend from Melbourne. Doing my Nia Dancing.
    O yes I think now I am 61 I might need a big bib as I seem to be a bit of a dribbler these days. Embarrassed when I go to the dry cleaners with my shirts. ha!
    All my love Helen from Brisbane Qld Australia.

    • Thanks Helen. Have a great time at Cabarita, a wonderful par of the world.

  10. Happy birthday Deb

    • Thank you. They come around awfully quickly.

  11. Life is short and you are doing the right thing by being so active and enjoying so much everything you do. It is the right attitude that will keep you young. Happy birthday, Debra! ❤️

    • Doing things you like to do is a great way to live. I am very lucky.

  12. If anyone is living their life to the fullest it is you. Happy Birthday Debra!!!

  13. Doing the garden, digging the weeds
    Who could ask for more
    When I’m sixty-four?
    Every summer we can rent a cottage on the
    Isle of Wight or Tuscany….
    Happy Birthday
    Wishing you a great day and a great year ahead with lots of adventures
    Mal and John
    London (la Fontana-Verni)

    • Doing the garden, yes, digging the weeds, not so much. Jim is an excellent weed digger, fortunately.

  14. 60 is the new 40! Happy Birthday fellow Piscean xx

    • I’ll take that. Happy birthday soon to a fellow Piscean.

  15. I must never forget that I am human!

    • I haven’t forgotten.

  16. Italy is obviously good for you. Many Happy Returns Lovely Lady 🙂

    • I think Italy is a great place to be for your birthday.

  17. Ah, if everyone had such a full life … congrats on the landmark … you’re doing great!

    • I try to pack as much in as I can. You only get one life.

  18. Happy Birthday dear Debra, and have a nice celebration, Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I hope all is well with you.

  19. Spaghetti vongole is one of my all time fav dishes. Don’t you think time seems to go faster the older you get! Your view from your balcony is beautiful. Have a very happy birthday.

    • Yes, I agree that thshe time passes more quickly as you get older. I divide my year between 2 places. I think that also makes it seem like time is passing quickly. Anyway, we have to make the most of things, always.

  20. So are!🌟

    • Yes, I know I have an excellent life and I am grateful.

  21. Happy birthday Debra. enjoy the 64… what you have walked and the path ahead.

    • I quite like this time of my life. Most of it has been pretty good.

  22. Stunning view from your balcony Debra – such a lovely way to start your day. Happy Birthday, enjoy, have fun. Beautiful daffodils too.
    PS: I’m a Beatles fan too!

    • I grew up with The Beatles. It was a great decade.

  23. Happy belated birthday, Debra.

    • Thank you. It was a lovely day here in Bagni di Lucca.

  24. Happy 64th birthday to you, Debra, ugh I’ll be there in a few months.

    • Thank you. There isn’t much to be done about getting older, except making the most of it.

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  26. Hope you had a wonderful Birthdat Debra! As my dad always says age is just a number. It is what is in your head and how you experience life that is important. 😊

    • Thank you. I’m with your Dad.

  27. A belated happy birthday. Wishing you many more healthy and happy ones.

    • Thank you…healthy is good.

  28. Wishing you a blessed (belated) birthday, and many more years of health and joy!

    • Thanks for your birthday message.

  29. In such beautiful place where the soul and heart enjoy every moment, the age doesn’t matter. Many blessings to you and your family

    • Age doesn’t matter at all. Thank you for your message.

  30. I will always remember ho beautiful you were at 23. Peter Kunkel.


    • You actually met me when I worked at the Southport Library. I was 18. That was a long time ago!

  31. One of my favorite Beatles songs. Happy birthday to you!!

    • Thanks, I grew up with the Beatles.

      • I am a 90’s kiddo but one could say I grew up with them too by listening to their music and reading about their history. It would be amazing to have really experienced the mania back in the day! Cheers!

      • I was about 11 when I first heard them. The White Album was the first album I ever bought.

      • Ohh, I love the White Album! While I love all 8 years of the Beatles music, I’d say their experiences in India and onward inspire me the most. It’s amazing how artists can experiment with their talents and take you to new places you’ve never been before! Revolver is another favorite.

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