Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 17, 2017

Hello cold

I arrived in Helsinki to zero degrees. The early morning sky was overcast, but there was no wind and it was actually quite pleasant to be rugged up in my warm coat and walking around the city. I arrived at 7.00am and couldn’t get into my hotel until a bit later.

The days are growing longer and it was becoming light by the time I got to Espanadi Park in the centre of the city. Most of the snow is gone from the streets.




This lovely boat is moored beside the harbour.



I did try to go back later for lunch, but there was nobody around.

The water at Toolonlahti is still frozen. People were cycling across, dogs were out walking…cold weather doesn’t keep Finns inside.







A small group of ducks stay behind for the winter. The white duck I spotted last year is still around. They have trained people to feed them.

Ducks Helsinki

White duck Helsinki

Ducks Helsinki

Tomorrow I will be in Italy where the temperature in Bagni di Lucca should be around 18 degrees, with sun…perfect.


  1. So beautiful. This brings me back memories. I love Finland!

    • I love Finland too!

  2. Excellent set of well-selected Helsinki photos. Now when You are in Finland You would have possibility to see something unusual or even to experience it. My post is from 2016:

    Reindeer driving competition.

    This happening is tomorrow (February the 18th) in Oulu at 14:30 on its big market place. By train You can reach Oulu from Helsinki in about six hours. Think about it.

    Happy stay in Finland.

    • I would love to go to Oulu but I leave for Italy later today. We really liked Oulu when we visited a few years ago.

      • Sigh. Thank you.

  3. Brrrr…but that’s exactly what you wanted. Happy for you to be home in your city.

    • I love Helsinki in any season, but the cold was very welcome.

  4. I enjoyed Helsinki when I visited but it wasn’t in the winter so different to what you have photographed . Looks wonderful . Fancy your favourite white duck still being there — lucky you to be there- We are still being blasted with heat here – with the promise cooler days are coming.

    • I am pleased to be away from the heat…give me cold any day.

  5. You’re are not going to believe this – but – the last two days here in Brisbane have really been quite pleasant i.e. one can blink without breaking into a sweat. But, oh, lucky duck – I love those winter landscapes. I like the look of the mystery mansion across the frozen lake.

    • I believe you Jan, but I am glad I am out of it.

  6. So envious, so over the heat!!! But only 3 more months and we will meet in Iceland. So looking forward to the cooler fresher air. Counting the days ..

    • I am looking foreword to Iceland, but there is much to see and do before then.

  7. It is very beautiful and the cold weather seems to suit the place. Have a nice trip to Bagni!

    • I like coming to Helsinki in winter. The cold is such a nice change from the Brisbane heat.

  8. Welcome to Helsinki, beautiful land… I can’t believe how you can travel between different climates… These are so beautiful photographs dear Debra, fascinated me, Thank you, Love, nia

    • I like all kinds of weather except extreme heat, which is what we have had in Brisbane since Christmas.

      • It should be like that, as you I don’t like extreme heat, I can’t imagine this summer, because every year it seems more and more. Thank you dear Debra, have a nice travel to Bagni and nice weekend too, Love, nia

  9. Hi Debra. I am wondering how you get to Helsinki from Brissy. And then from Helsinki to Italy. I looked up the airlines and not Finnair flights to Milan. Do you mind sharing how you do it because it sounds like a nice way to go. Thanks. Maree

    • I always fly Finnair. Qantas or Cathay Pacific is the connection from Brisbane to Hong Kong, then Finnair to Helsinki and on to Rome or Milan.

  10. Oh that looks rather magical and rather the opposite to what weather we are having at the moment! 😀

    • The cold is a welcome relief to the heat at home in Brisbane.

  11. Lovely photos. There is something so romantic and surreal about an overcast sky. 🙂

  12. You did a quick stop in Helsinki on your way to Italy? That’s a good idea. Love the photos at dawn. Really pretty.

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