Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 14, 2017

Goodbye hot

Tomorrow I leave behind this…

Main Beach

for this…


and then this…

Ponte a Serraglio

I can’t wait to get away from the heat wave we have been sweating through here in Brisbane.

We have lots of great plans for the next few months in Italy. The garden at Casa Debbio is calling me. I hope it has survived the winter and I look forward to watching things spring to life in the next few weeks.

We are planning trips to Naples and surrounds, Greece, Croatia and lots of days trips in gorgeous Italy. I hope you all come along for the ride.


  1. Safe travels Debra. I won’t be far behind you, I arrive in Lucca at the end of Feb, it will be lovely to see you 😊

    • See you soon. I will be in BdL Saturday afternoon.

  2. Buon viaggio Deb. Travel safely.

  3. safe travels! your garden awaits.

    • I can’t wait to begin planting again.

  4. Yep we left the tropical island of Singapore and is now in Tolyo enjoying a little cool weather…and then we will be back to the heat again soon!

    • Give me cool weather any day.

  5. Hi Debra, sorry was not able to catch up. I was at Cabarita for 6 weeks, then Canberra and then Sydney. Went to Canberra for a special ceremony.
    Will check your pop up when back. Wore your dress for Xmas lunch at Paper Daisy restaurant Halycon House Cabarita. Love Helen.
    Love to see you when it is cooler.

    • You have been busy! See you in June.

  6. Have a nice and safe travel dear Debra, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I am keen to get back to some cool weather.

  7. Hi Debra, thank you so much for your informative blog. I look forward to reading all of your posts as they have been so helpful to me. My husband’s mother and father both come from Northern Italy. We are not long back from 3 weeks travelling in Italy. It was really cold, so good! Enjoy your travels.
    We are considering purchasing the family property in my husband’s father’s home town (still in the family but not on my husband’s side anymore).
    I have many, many questions I would love to ask you about buying property, dealing with the Brisbane Consulate and many more too numerous for one comment post. Is it possible to email you direct (if you are willing to answer my questions of course!) Alternatively, I could meet with you somewhere in Brisbane or the GC as I live on the Southside of Brisbane. Hope I hear from you. Kind regards from Melissa Rostagno

    • I am happy for you to email me directly, I leave for Italy tomorrow morning so I can’t meet with you in Brisbane, but I will be back late June.

  8. Yep I’m coming. Louise

  9. Have a nice trip!

  10. Lucky you … and I’m envious. Safe travels!

    • I am keen to be back in the mountains.

  11. Safe travels and see you soon in lucca… are escaping heat and we are escaping 30 inches of snow and more due tomorrow…..I’ll take heat.

    • I can understand why month of snow could do that.

  12. Beautiful photos Debra. Safe trip back to Italy. And yes the heat has been over the top here in Brisbane so enjoy the cooler weather back in your other home.

    • I think this summer has been extremely hot, I am over it.

  13. We arrived in Lucca today, to blue skies and bright sunshine with some snow in the high mountains. It’s wonderful to be back. Maybe we’ll see you again this trip?

    • I will arrive in Bagni di Lucca on Saturday. I hope we can catch up.

  14. Really looking forward to your posts over the coming monthsl to see the garden and the places you visit. Enjoy!!

  15. I can hardly wait to follow you along! I always always love your posts!!!

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