Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 24, 2016


Florence has an excellent new rubbish bin system. There is a row of bins in the street where I catch the bus to Lucca.

The above ground part of the bin is compact and neat.

rubbish in Florence

While I was waiting for the bus one day I saw the truck come along to empty the bins.

rubbish in Florence

rubbish in Florence

This system is much better than the small bins that were there previously. They were often full and overflowing onto the street. This seems to be working very well.

I wonder if it is in other Italian cities.


  1. Brisbane City Council could learn from this. On the waterfront im Manly, during most especially Summer weekends, the bins overflow, birds investigate and scatter the contents and much blows into the sea.

    • It is a great system. It would work well in many places.

  2. Very impressive system.

    • I think it is excellent.

  3. Lucca, centro storico, introduced that system late last year. But no coat of arms emblazoned.

    • I haven’t seen them in Lucca. I will look when I return.

  4. That’s impressive. Yes a lot of places could learn from that system. Especially here in India.

    • I noticed a shortage of rubbish bins in India.

  5. Wow! That is excellent! so clean and efficient! Saw a similar setup this year I think in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

    • It is a great system. It is good to see that it is in other places.

  6. They are nice and stylish. Something unusual for garbage bins…

    • They are very neat and tidy.

  7. That looks smart, I’ve never seen the likes of it before!

    • They certainly help to keep the streets clean.

  8. Wow. These are great. No in Milan we do not have these. But the tops of the garbage cans have sensors that let the city know when they are full and someone comes and empties them on cue.

    • That’s a good idea too.

  9. Amazing.

  10. Everything is stylish in Florence!

  11. The bus to Lucca? I thought the train was faster, more comfortable, and more efficient? You must know something important.

    • The bus from Lucca to Florence is a bit quicker than the train if you get the direct bus. It goes along the Autostrada and is very comfortable and usually on time. The scenery along the way is wonderful, particularly near Pistoia where you drive past the nurseries.
      I almost always take the bus.

  12. It is so great idea. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish they would have similar garbage collection system in many other cities, also in North America.

  13. I didn’t see anything like this during my trip. On the other hand, their recycling efforts were interesting.

  14. Wow! I haven’t seen any similar containers in Italy, but they remind me of ones I’ve seen in Switzerland, where I’ve thought, “They look sort of small for the town’s garbage.” Now, I know!

  15. Iceberg Bins! c

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