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Picturesque Pistoia

Pistoia doesn’t attract as many tourists as it should. It is a gorgeous medieval town with some stunning buildings. I have been several times and I love to wander the streets enjoying an authentic Italian city.

At the centre of town is Piazza del Duomo. There is something amazing to see on all sides, including the Duomo…


Above the entrance is a magnificent Della Robbia arch.




and Palazzo del Pretorio…


and this building, the name of which I don’t remember.

Wednesday and Saturday are market days when the streets bustle with shoppers.


I particularly like the food markets.


On the way to the markets we walked down a wonderful old street where the original shops with their display benches are still there.




The food shops in Pistoia are very inviting.


This restaurant called to me…next time.


A very popular place to meet for coffee or something delicious to eat is Le Grand Cafe du Globe.


We were delighted to meet Michela Ricciarelli, who writes a great blog about Pistoia. She took us to her favourite cafe where I had one of the best pastries I have eaten in all of Italy. I would go back to Pistoia just for another apple pastry.



This is gorgeous Michela.


Be sure to check out her blog…Passion 4 food 4 fashion. She loves Pistoia and is a perfect ambassador for the city.

Here are some more photos of picturesque  Pistoia.






Put Pistoia on your list of Italian towns to visit. It is only 30 kilometres from Florence and is easily accessible by train from there. Don’t miss it.






  1. Ah, I get home sick to Italy, thank you for sharing the real Italy.

    • Pistoia is lovely. I need to go more often.

  2. Another Pistoia fan checking in!

    • It is a great town isn’t it?

  3. Yes, Pistoia is a very interesting city well worth a visit. Great photos!

    • I love it. I want to go back and see some more of Michele’s Pistoia.

  4. Looks a great place to visit!

    • Pistoia is an interesting town to visit. Fortunately for me it is not far from Bagni di Lucca, so I can go often.

  5. Thank you Debra!👏👏👏😍😍😍MY pleasure to share Pistoia with you & Lyn, hope to see you again in September for another walk together to see some hidden corners in town 😉❤️💋🍸🍾

    • That sounds great. I will contact you in late September when I get back to BdL.

  6. thank you darling!!!! hope to see you soon again & have more fun together 🍸🍾🍦❤️😍👠👛☕️🍦🍸

  7. Reblogged this on passion4food4fashion and commented:
    Thank you Debra for this great post about my beloved birthplace, Pistoia!!! look foreard to seeing you again here soon❤️😉💋☕️

  8. Another stop added to the list! Seriously, there is not a town in Italy that is not picturesque!

    • There are a few, but mostly there is something gorgeous in all of the old towns.

  9. Another lovely village to visit one day!

    • Pistoia is great, you will love it.

  10. Truly it would take more than one lifetime to marvel at the beauty of the architecture in these lovely places and eat my way through the Italian markets and shuffle from gelateria to cafeteria – it’s a sobering thought that an average life span is 1000 months and 300 of those are spent sleeping – maybe I can do with less sleep and use it to do more shuffling:)

    • It old be impossible to see all the beautiful places in Italy, particularly as I like to return to favourites.

  11. I like mr dragon

    • Me too. I would like one for Casa Debbio.

  12. Looks like a place that can do without tourists – might spoil it!

    • I think so too. I am usually around in the off season so I get to see it at its best.

  13. Gorgeous!!!!

  14. I love Pistoia too and last time we were there we stopped into this cafe and you are right-we had delicious pastries.

  15. The buildings are lovely but that peach crostata totally caught my eye too! 😀

  16. So beautiful! Love all

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