Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 9, 2016

Casa Debbio spring 2016

Spring has been wet and cooler than usual. The garden at Casa Debbio seems to like this. It is thriving. The roses have appeared, new peonies appear every week…we have 35 peony plants and they seem to bloom at different times, which is great.

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Tomatoes are growing.

Casa Debbio 2016

There are some gooseberries on the bush.

Casa Debbio 2016

The lavender is growing like mad. The first plants are now 4 years old, the next row are having their third summer and the plants on the lower terrace are turning 2. They are all looking great and they smell divine even though the flowers aren’t open yet.

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Our pergola is finished and the terracotta table is in place.

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio 2016

I am hoping wisteria and Banksia roses will cover the pergola in the next couple of years to provide shade.

The bench has found a home at the side of the house.

Casa Debbio 2016

The pergola we had built last autumn is starting to attract wisteria and roses from above.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio 2016

Our chestnut trees are in blossom.

Casa Debbio 2016

The path on the terrace is starting to look good. The plants are growing and by next summer will be looking the way I want them to.

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

I painted the wall beside the house. It was dull grey before.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The geraniums got severely knocked around by the constant rain, but they will bounce back soon.

I am delighted with the progress at Casa Debbio this year. Filippo has done a wonderful job helping us in the garden. He also helped Vittorio build the pergola and we love it.

This morning we almost disappeared in the mist.

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbio 2016

Casa Debbbio 2016

Casa Debbio is available for rent. Please share the post with someone who may be interested in our peaceful mountain retreat.





  1. Wow!! It looks so beautiful! I am incredibly envious and it must be a torment to say farewell but also it must be exciting to return. You have done such a wonderful job!

    • We are not going to want to leave in about 10 days, but we have lots of weeding to do before we go back to Australia. We are delighted with the growth of the garden this spring.

  2. You have done a great job and still doing at Casa Debbio! Chapeau!!!

    • There is still lots of work to be done…a garden is never finished.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Can’t wait to come for a visit

    • Casa Debbio is waiting.

  4. Just stunning.

    • Thank you, we are happy with the progress this year.

  5. Divine! Wish I could be there to see it all. I remember it so well in its very early stages.

    • It is coming along very well.

  6. What a beautiful place – the painted wall is sheer genius. I am tempted to knock on the door of a house I pass on my morning walk and show your painting to them. They’ve had a McMansion built behind them and their garden is now overshadowed by a huge blank, putty coloured wall. I can imagine sitting under the pergola and watching the fire flies in summer – what joy that garden must give you.

    • We have seen only a few fireflies so far. We have one week left in Italy. I am hoping for better weather…and fireflies.

  7. Deb, your garden is sheer paradise! It has changed so much in the two years since we were there. I don’t know how you can bear to leave. I don’t suppose Filippo could make a trip to NW Tasmania to weave some of his magic?

    • I’m sure Filippo would love a trip to Australia.

  8. All of this makes me happy! What a great job you’ve done!!!

    • Thank you…it makes us happy too.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, stunning photos. I have wonderful memories of the most beautiful place, house, area, gardens – everything.

    • Casa Debbio is progressing just as we want it to.

  10. I just love what you did with that wall, very creative.

    • I wish I could paint. It would be great to do something fabulous there.

      • I reckon what you did is good!

  11. Debra, everything looks so green and fresh! I love seeing Casa Debbio in the spring through your photos !!! You’ve done a fantastic job!!

    • The rain does have its benefits.

  12. Wow – you certainly have the green eye for a garden – definately one for Open Gardens – gorgeous – cheers

    • There is still much to do in the garden, but there has been good progress this year.

  13. Wow, absolutely beautiful landscape!

    • We have a magnificent view.

  14. Such a beautiful garden and setting….the fog settling in has a beauty of it’s own.

    • I like the misty mornings too.

  15. Looking amazingly beautiful. And, as you said, this weather is helping a lot…

    • The garden is really starting to look good, after much hard work.

  16. Oh Deb, that is GLORIOUS. I love your wall painting with the chairs. Genius!

    • It looks much better than the grey wall.

  17. Absolutely beautiful… the colours of the flowers and the new pergola and table look very nice. We hope to see it next year!

    • I hope to see you at Casa Debbio next year.

  18. So beautiful and lush! I love the hanging bottles

    • Thank you. It has been fun creating the little extras.

  19. Ahh the peonies that we are seeing here in Australia must be from Europe! That accounts for their price too!

    • Peonies are always expensive. They are actually easy to grow, but they last for such a short time.

  20. Absolutely beatiful . Will pass by Il Monaco and hope to touch base before we both leave to go home.

    • Perhaps you will come to visit Casa Debbio next spring.

  21. I love those little hanging vases and your painted wall is wonderful!

    • Thank you. The wall will probably need to be repainted each year, so I can have something different each time.

  22. So lush! And with the mountains and the mist, just gorgeous! Love the painting of the chairs!

    • It is particularly green this year after all the rain.

  23. The mist is just like in the photos or even more beatiful. I can and will recommend Casa Debbio.

    • I think it looks fabulous in the mist. Thank you fir recommending Casa Debbio.

  24. Stunning Debra, a labour of love, I particularly like the hanging bottles and the painted chairs, enjoy your last few days in your beautiful retreat.

    • I hope you come to visit Casa Debbio one day.

  25. Spring has sprung to deliver outstanding beauty. Well done, Debra! How much time does the drive take from Bagni to there?

    • Vergemoli is about 35 minutes from Bagni di Lucca. We are 630 metres above sea level.

  26. Looks magnificent Deb. Well done with all the hard work now paying off. Looks so established. I wouldn’t mind even disappearing the mist for a few days up there.

    • It is difficult to believe that the garden is so young. It will look even better this time next year.

  27. The flowers, plants and the view are amazing… I can imagine myself there… Filippo really did great job, we need someone like him too 🙂 I loved also the chairs on the wall and also bottle hanging vases… and yes, mist is another amazing view… I wished to live there, to rent this beautiful casa… Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • We are thrilled with the garden this year. The rain has helped a lot. This time last year I was watering for hours every day.

      • I know what you mean dear Debra, gardening is not easy. Have a nice day and new week, Love, nia

  28. You are a true artist and have done a beautiful job! I was thrilled to see that gooseberries are growing in your garden! Perhaps you could get Filippo to harvest them, head and tail them and throw them in the freezer for you. It would be such a shame to have them go to waste. I have the best gooseberry pie recipe from my fathers mother that I can share if you’d like it and you could promise him a pie for his efforts!

    • I will certainly ask Filippo to pick the gooseberries when they are ready. Freezing is a great idea unless there is someone in the village who could make jam with them. My grandmother used to make gooseberry jam, but a pie sounds wonderful.

  29. What an incredibly stunning place you have created Debra! Wow ! It has been so fun to watch your casa come to life over the years. The garden is magnificent!!!

    • The garden is only 3 years old, the bottom terrace only 1. We are delighted with the progress this year. It will only get better. This is the first garden I have created. It is a pleasure to watch it develop.

      • Amazing Debra!

  30. Magnificent! The garden is coming along so beautifully. What a wonderful reward for all the hard work.

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