Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 5, 2016

Casa Debbio weather

Spring has been wet, especially May. It has rained constantly, which means we haven’t had to water the garden at all.

It is looking green and lush and the misty views are spectacular.

I love early morning at Casa Debbio. The village below disappears in the mist and reappears minutes later.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio


I could never tire of the view as it changes constantly.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The photos above are all taken from the kitchen door.

At the end of the driveway it is completely different.

Casa Debbio

Soon it will be time to leave it behind for a few months. I will give you a garden update soon.


  1. Your gardens must be loving the misty weather…..I was wondering if Italy was getting the rain France is experiencing. We headed back to the states on the 26th and agree may was much cooler in southern Italy than we experienced in the last two years…..although we did. It have the rain you got. Weather here in Maine Gary’s day to day…warm one and then cool and drizzle the next….see you next spring.

    • Casa Debbio has had visitors for the last 2 weeks. We went up this morning and the garden has grown incredibly. It has been cooler than usual, but the garden loves the rain and has had enough sun to make it thrive. We have roses, peonies, raspberries and the lavender has gone nuts. I am sorting through the photos now.

  2. Gorgeous images, Debra. What a lovely ever changing view you have there. 🙂

    • The view is magical. I especially love it when we have fireflies in the garden at night.

  3. Stunning!

    • Casa Debbio is in the most spectacular setting.

  4. Beautiful pictures, love those clouds!

    • I love them too, but some sun is in order now.

  5. Looks lovely Deb

  6. I love those misty mornings. I know what you mean about the rain, we’re underwater here! Can’t wait to see the garden update.

  7. Looks good rain drenched Deb. Hope your sunshine and blue skies return soon. We are also having a lot of rain here on the east coast of Australia as you will have read.

    • We have had quite enough rain.

  8. Looking forward to your garden update. Setting is spectacular.

    • The garden is growing very well.

  9. Beautiful – love the mist

  10. So mystical in the rain Debra. So lovely! I adore seeing photos of your view from your lovely home. 😊

    • We love the view too. It is always gorgeous.

  11. Stunning place.

  12. You have beautiful views Debra. Its the same here in Pescia, so much rain. Its bizzare for Italy. Lovely photos btw x

    • We have had enough rain now…time for sun.

  13. Hope you get some sunshine before you leave. Looking forward to see how the garden is growing.

    • I hope so too. Right now we have lots of weeding to do.

  14. I love looking at your pictures of the misty mountains whether at Vergemoli or Bagni di Lucca. You’ve captured those magical moments that make one smile. Will certainly look forward to an update of your Summer garden at Casa Debbio. The pots of red geranium look stunning against the misty backdrop.

    • The misty days at Casa Debbio are lovely, but we now need some sun.

  15. The village view is quite magical with the colourful roofs poking out from the fog!

    • I love it when we have misty mornings.

  16. The views are so beatiful!!! I would like to live there.

    • Casa Debbio is available for rent.

  17. I could never tire of that view either. It is more than just what you see it also feels beautiful.

  18. The green makes a lovely backdrop for your bright red geraniums. And while the mist is so beautiful, I’m with you – we need some sun.

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