Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 28, 2016

Expensive little feet

Following on from my previous blog about feet, I noticed this shop in Modena with shoes for little girls.

They looked a lot like shoes their mothers would wear, but in tiny sizes. Most in the front window would be for under four year olds.

I think they are gorgeous.

Shoes Modena

Shoes Modena

Shoes Modena

Did you notice the prices???

There must be some very wealthy people out there. I do love the way Italians dress their children.

We had shoes like the white ones at the end when we were little. I think they were called Jumping Jacks, but I know my mother would not have paid those prices.

My son’s first shoes were a pair of navy ankle boots I bought in Italy before we went back to Australia. He looked marvellous in them. I wish I had kept them.


  1. nice but expensive. we had plastic sandals and cheap baseball boots when I was a boy!

    • I thought they were very expensive, especially as they would barely last a season.

  2. The first picture is definitely gladiator shoes!

    • They have been fashionable for a few years now.

  3. For indulged children

    • Very…one pair would not be enough.

  4. Amazing sandals for kids with wealthy parents. 🙂

    • It is a lot of money to spend on something they grow out of so quickly.

      • That’s exactly my thought too.

  5. My gosh, after WWII our family here in the States often would send huge bundles of clothing and shoes to Italy, especially children’s. Also, hidden in the bundles were salami, canned ham, bags of candy… With the memories of mailing off the gigantic bundles after the War you can well imagine during my first visit to Italy in 1970 the shock seeing that all were dressed better than us…. When I think about it The Italians still, and will always have, one-up over we folks from the States; and yes, while in Italy I have been known to run to the corner market in flip-flops, much more affordable and comfortable than a 95 Euro pair of sandals.

    • I’m sure Italy needed your help after the war and were happy to receive parcels. Modena is a very stylish city and clearly it extends to the children.

  6. Glad to see they are in training from a young age – cute

    • Yes, mini adults in the very best fashion.

  7. Gorgeous shoes! Heheh here in Finland we often do practical before beautiful. You can often spot a Finn from the Crocs on their feet… 😌

    • Crocs are not particularly attractive, but I think people in Helsinki are very well dressed. It is a very stylish city.

  8. Where are they made? I bet someone is making a nice little fortune out of a cheap shoe manufacturer somewhere. As gorgeous as they are, I don’t approve of this kind of spending on children’s shoes – having just converted this to Aussie dollars.

    • I didn’t go into the shop to see where they were made, but I imagine they are made in Italy, they were beautifully made. I must admit I was a bit shocked about the price.

  9. Very stylish but unfortunately the way children’s feet grow they would work out pretty costly if you calculated cost per wear.

    • Do you do that with yours?

  10. …but they are lovely to look at – and have you ever watched a little girl in shoes that she feels are just glorious! I can remember having red shoes when I was little – probably Clarks’ – and I didn’t want to take them off to go to bed. I used to have shoes like the little white ones at the bottom too.

    • They are very beautiful and little miss would need several pairs to go with her equally beautiful outfits. I still feel that way about some of my shoes and remember all the lovely shoes I have owned.

  11. My mother used to buy us kids, Italian leather shoes from Caruso’s Emporium in the Valley. I am not sure they cost as much as these but they certainly would last as long.
    Very cute and stylish range.

    • The shoes are lovely, but I was a bit shocked by the prices.

  12. Good, stylish leather shoes for kids are and have always been an expensive item in their wardrobe and one that does not last very long. Italian shoes are quite dear. In Spain, prices are more reasonable…but still expensive….

  13. Gorgeous, indeed! But to spend that amount of money for a child’s shoe!?😊

  14. How lovely! If only they wouldn’t grow out of them so quickly. I also wore the ones in the last photo-I had them in red.

  15. What fashionable kids these would be! They are expensive though, especially for things that kids grow out of.

  16. Adorable little shoes! Pricey, but cute.

  17. I have one little pair of sandals my mother kept for me. I must have loved them very much.

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