Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 16, 2016

Clean with your feet

I found these slippers in Lucca the other day when I was attempting to renew my Permesso di Soggiorno.

New slippers

Did you notice those bits sticking out of the soul?

New slippers

They are actually mops to clean your floor as you walk around, talk about time saving!

new slippers

They are stuck on with Velcro and come off to wash…a new era in floor cleaning. I can imagine that I will be shuffling through the house with new vigour…don’t you love my hundred year old floor tiles?



  1. Look funny:)

    • I thought so too, I couldn’t resist them.

  2. These are fantastic, please do let me know where I can purchase a pair from?

    • They are in a shop in Via Mordino, not far from Via Fillungo.

  3. What s great idea! Love it!

    • I think it is a great idea.

  4. I do love your floors. Also love the slippers. That’s my kind of house cleaning.

    • My tiles will never shine again, but I wouldn’t think of replacing them.

  5. I remember my mother-in-law shuffling around her house years ago with similar on her feet. Not as fancy as yours though Deb.

    • They are pretty flash, lilac with white spots.

  6. Are the soles waterproof? Fab idea.

    • I have only tried them dry and they do pick up quite a lot of dirt. I will try them with some floor cleaner and water and see what happens.

  7. Love the slippers Debra! Like I said, I’d go crazy in Italy. The food, the wine, the photos I’d take and the beautiful things to buy! 🙂

    • The slippers are a bit silly..but fun.

  8. Very stylish and yes, I do like the floor tiles!

    • The tiles are still made in the original way at a place in Lucca.

  9. Ohh just what I’ve been looking for. I shuffle round on a towel drying my floor. These would be fab!

    • I did see them on line somewhere, but I don’t remember where.

  10. I want a pair. And, they are my favourite colour. They will also be a fun gift to bring back to Aus

    • They were only about €5…cheap gifts.

  11. Brilliant!!

  12. Debra. Firstly let me say I love your blog. Your slippers are priceless. It reminds me of years ago when I was very young and on my first overseas posting to Athens. My apartment ‘came’ with an elderly cleaning lady who I didn’t need but she needed the small income so she stayed. She used to wrap bundles of rags around her shoes to clean the parquetary floors. I do it myself now for the edges of my hallway. But your slippers are a much better idea!

  13. make sure you have some great music – what a great idea – enjoy

  14. Love them……those Italians are very inventive!

  15. What fun. Music maestro please! You could host floor cleaning/exercise parties – the laughter would be a bonus!! Actually I recall my mother giving my brother and I dusters to wrap around our feet and we could ‘skate’ around the tiled edges. I loved it.

    • Correction: my brother and me 🙂

      • I think. …

  16. I adore your lovely tiled floor and I love your slippers! I’ve seen those slippers sold in Australia (through Magnamail) but not as fancy as yours – yes, a jolly good idea to clean and exercise at the same time!

  17. I do love the floor tiles, they are lovely!

    • They are old, but I love them

  18. GREAT!!!!

  19. So cool! Who’d a thought it?

  20. Fabulous — the slippers and the floor tiles!
    The tiles immediately reminded me of the tiles in the Victoria & Albert Museum. I remember thinking that the patten was quite interesting and snapped a photo.

  21. Those slippers are quite impressive.

  22. Adore the tiles Deb. Where on earth did you find the magic ciabatte? 😉😙😊

    • They were in shop in Lucca that sells all kinds of funny things.

      • How funny. Perfect for a mini appartamento. Not so much for the Australian McMansions…

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