Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 15, 2016

Farewell my pineapple

Every year a pineapple grows on my balcony. I plant pineapple tops and eventually a tiny pineapple appears.

I was watering my plants this morning when I spotted my latest baby. Unfortunately I won’t be around to see it grow. I leave today for Italy. I stop for a day and night in cool Helsinki, then I will visit a friend in southern Germany for a few days.

I will be back in Bagni di Lucca and Casa Debbio in just under a week. I can’t wait to see how my garden is surviving the winter.

Here is my new pineapple. They grow quite slowly, so it will still be around when I return in late June.

my pineapple

my pineapple


  1. That is a sweet little baby.

    • My pineapple don’t grow very big, but they taste good.

  2. Have a safe trip, Deb! See you in Bagni in a few weeks.

    • I look forward to a coffee and sfoglia at Il Monaco.

  3. The pineapple will be just fine. Have a great trip and keep the posts coming. We now want to see the garden at Casa Debbio and how it has survived the winter and then the spring bulbs later. X

    • The daffodils will be up any minute now.

  4. She is a little beauty. Happy travels and see you in BdL

    • BdL is waiting patiently for your return.

  5. Enjoy your journey, can’t wait to see how your garden has changed.

    • I can’t wait for spring to see what has come up.

  6. Clever you! My pineapple tops never produce fruit

    • I find ignoring them works.

  7. Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoyable stay in your second home. I live vicariously through your wonderful photos!

    • Thank you. I love living in 2 worlds.

  8. Safe travels and happy landings, Deb. It’s a shame you’re going to miss our 36-degree day, never mind. Meet you in Marchetti’s when you return?

    • I am heading for minus 8…lovely.

  9. Happy travels Debra! I love the pineapple too 🙂

    • I am looking forward to some lovely cold weather.

  10. Exquisite pictures of your pinapple…too bad you could not take it with you. I head to Rome on Thursday till the 26th….then a night in Dublin on the way back to Boston. Thiis trip is girls only….my daughter sarah and her three teenagers….Watch out Rome here we come!!! Then will return with Paul to ischia for April and May. Next year the plan is for the entire time in Lucca.

    • We are driving south to Sicily in April, we might drop into Ischia on the way, I have never been there. Have a great time in Rome.

      • We will be there except from 4/19 to 23….taking a rode trip to Maratea, Ascea, Pasteum and Napoli… that order. Would love to see you on Ischia….Hotel Martino, I rooms lo Sporgente, I Granaio dei Casabello and Palazzo Salgar in Naples the last night.

      • We will be there before 19th. I will let you know when we have dates.

  11. 36 degrees here today. You are best away to cooler climate. Enjoy Deb.

    • I am now sitting in the cool airport. I am so glad to be leaving the heat behind, bring on the snow.

  12. So beautiful Debra! Looking forward to your posts from Europe! 😌

    • I am very keen to be out of Brisbane summer and heading towards my daffodils at Casa Debbio.

      • Can’t wait for the pictures and posts!

  13. Safe travels Deb….looking forward to more updates from Italy.

    • My camera is ready.

  14. I can understand the feeling! I am leaving to go back to Italy in a week and a half, and am leaving behind my favorite plant. I don’t think he is going to make it while I’m gone.

  15. Tough choice being with the pineapple or being in Bagni!

    • I went with Bagni di Lucca.

  16. Safe travels, Debra! Looking forward to all you have to share with us from Italy!

    • We are planning a few short trips as well as Sicily.

  17. Pretty, pretty pineapple!

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