Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 18, 2016

Hard at work in Florence

I visit Florence regularly when I am in Bagni di Lucca. It is an easy trip in the bus and there always much to see.

I spotted these workmen on the front of the Palazzo Vecchio in the Piazza Signoria.

Palazzo Vecchio Florence

Palazzo Vecchio Florence

David and his mates just ignored them.

Palazzo Vecchio Florence

But I think Giotto, in front of the Uffizi, was trying to keep an eye on them with a sideway glance.

Giotto at the Uffizzi

I’ll be back in Italy soon…can’t wait.


  1. Brings back memories Deb. Oh to be in Florence again.

    • I am very keen to be back there…coffee at Giacosa, some window shopping, a wander over the Ponte Vecchio…

  2. Cute story

    • I’m not sure I would like to be dangling over the edge.

  3. I never cease to wonder at the skill of Italian craftsmen.

  4. Good one!

    • It is fun to see every day stuff going on.

  5. Nice views Debra, always happy to be looking at David and his mates in the Piazza Signoria.

    • I always walk through the Piazza on my trips to Florence.

  6. How far is it via bus Debra? You are so fortunate to have such a marvelous place in Italy and I love how you check out all the villages and towns and share it with us. I can imagine it must be quite wonderful spending time there. I’m glad you share it on your fabulous blog. 🙂

    • I usually drive to Lucca and take the bus from there. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and it a very pleasant drive.

      • Wow that is perfect! The one thing I dislike so much about the US is how far apart things are. I would love to live in Europe someday.

  7. I also never asked you how you ended up in Italy. What brought you there to buy your house and spend so much time there?

    • I first went to Italy in 1972 as a 19 year old and have loved it ever since. We bought our apartment in Bagni di Lucca in 2003 to have a base in Europe. Australia is a long way away and it is good to be able to stay in the village for a few months at a time and travel around.

      • That is wonderful Debra! Sounds like how I went to Paris at 21 and fell in love too. Do you speak Italian? It is such a beautiful place. I’m so happy that you share all your travels on your blog. I feel like I learn so much about all the gorgeous quaint towns there so thank you.

      • My Italian is not bad. I would do better if I liked study more.

      • 😌

  8. Love your wicked humour, Deb! Florence remains one of my favourite cities in Italy with its endless delights in every corner.

    • I never get tired of Florence and I get to go in the off season when it is not too crowded.

  9. I never cease to admire the Piazza della Signoria, no mater how many times i have been there. And I love to take a leisurely stroll in the Palazzo Vecchio, even if I have visited it many times. So I really appreciate all the hard work that is done to maintain those wonderful buildings. We are really lucky that it is so easy to get to Florence from Bagni di Lucca, bus, train and by car. The drive through Benabbio and Boveglio, entering the highway at Chiesina Uzzanese and avoiding the Lucca’s heavy traffic is delightful.

    • I know you like to drive to Florence, you are much braver than I am. I got horribly lost one day in Florence and now prefer to take the bus.

  10. An Firenze!!! And Venice! And Rome! And Pompei! And ever on! Love reading your news and enjoying your photos. Have you been to Abruzzo? We are going in March and wondered if you have any ‘must see’ suggestions?

    • I have not been to Abruzzo, I must remedy that. It looks like a very interesting area. We are going to Calabria and Sicily in spring…another first.

  11. Hooray for your soon return.

  12. The workmen would have a unique view of the Piazza but I quite enjoyed the view of the back of David’s mate! Apart from that I find the skill of the sculptor truly amazing.

  13. Too cute Deb…. Can tell you can’t wait to be back! 😉

  14. Hello Debra,

    In a month, I will visit Florence again and I like to explore the city more carefully. I remember you wrote a book (or maybe blog post) about secluded (historical) and not very famous spots of Florence. Would you help me to find this book (post)?

    Thank you.

    • Perhaps you mean Secret Florence. It has some great things to find in Florence that are not so well known. I use the book often.
      If you look for the Florence category on my blog there are lots of posts on this fabulous city. Have coffee at Giacosa, a great pizza at Obica, see Palazzo Davanzati. Have a great time!

      • Thank you, Debra. Yes, it was this book.
        And I already read your category “Florence.”

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