Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 11, 2015

Padova’s Caffe Pedrocchi

I had a great time on my visit to Padova earlier this year. It is a thriving university city that successfully mixes the old with the new.

One place that does the mix very well is the famous Caffe Pedrocchi.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

Antonio Pedrocchi began his caffe in 1831. It was designed by Giuseppe Jappelli in the form of an arcade. The narrow south front, with its small Doric loggia, looks onto the university.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

The wide front on the north has two small Doric loggias and a double central gallery in Ionic and Corinthian style. Pedrocchi wanted the comfort of his cafe to surpass all others in Padova.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

I visited the cafe a couple of times during my visit. It is the perfect place for aperitivo. Despite less than perfect weather I sat outside on the terrace to watch the passing parade.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

It is also excellent for lunch.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

They have a signature coffee. It is an espresso with a topping of mint cream…delicious.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova

Don’t miss Caffe Pedrocchi when you go to Padova.

Caffe Pedrocchi Padova


  1. I wonder if they’d give me that topping on a macchiato? There’s only one way to find out.

    • The espresso was a little bigger than normal. You wouldn’t really need the little bit of milk in a macchiato. The mint cream on top is quite enough.

  2. and the toastie looks delicious too.

    • It was very good. Caffe Pedrocchi is excellent and I will return.

  3. Padova looks totally beautiful! It also looks like you had an amazing time. I’d love to explore Padova one day 🙂

    • Padova is one of Italy’s underrated cities. It is close to Venice and is overlooked by many visitors to Italy, which is a pity as it has lots to see and do.
      There are a couple of earlier posts on Padova and there will be more to come.

      • I’ll definitely read these. Thanks a lot for making me aware of this hidden gem 🙂

  4. Looks delightful there, and I like the look of that signature coffee. 😃

    • Padova has a lot to offer. I will definitely go back.

  5. I love apertivo hour! I wish it was more of a thing here! 😀

    • So do I. When I am in Bagni di Lucca I cross the bridge most evenings to have a Campari at Bar Italia. Campari just doesn’t seem the same here.

  6. Once of these places that everyone should visit at léast once…

    • I really like Padova and the Caffe Pedrocchi was great.

  7. It looks lovely…as does the drinks and lunch.

    • I wish Caffe Pedrocchi was closer.

  8. Thanks for the tip! We are actually going to Padova for 6 days in March – I’m doing some genealogical research there as my mom’s family hails from this Province. I will be sure to stop by at this café for an aperitivo and that signature caffe! That looks delicious! I also read your post about the Scrovegni Chapel – do you think I should book online or can I pick up the tickets a few days before while I’m there (since we’ll be there for 6 days!)? Thanks!

    • You will love Padova, I did. March should not be a busy time, so you could probably go a couple of days ahead and buy the tickets. Whatever you do, don’t miss it.

  9. lucky you Debra – we have been many times in the last 12 years to this beautiful little city – highly underrated, as you said earlier. Every time we visit Italy it starts with our Emirates flight from South India into Venice and then the short comfortable bus ride into Padova. All going well, we will be coming over again next year. Loved our article and photos, as always. Thanks. Carina x

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog of Padova. I have lived near Padofa for 7 years. The Pedrocchi has a legend. University students do not go in there as they believe bad things will happen to them. They only go to Pedrocchi after graduation. Personally, I believe this was started by the bar owners so that they would not have young people causing disturbances, but who is to know? Now the only people who go there are the very very well to do types.
    In the summer they provide some small jazz groups, which is a plus for Padova.

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  12. That coffee is amazing!

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