Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 20, 2015

Fly away home

It is time for me to leave Italy and fly home to Australia. I always hate to leave, but I have closed Casa Debbio for the winter and there is nothing more I can do in the garden until next spring.

I am leaving behind my favourite season. Trees change colour quite quickly. Autumn leaves fall around me as I walk through the forests around Casa Debbio and float around my car as I drive up and down the mountain…I will miss this.

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

The weather had been a bit erratic, sunny one minute and pouring with rain the next. It comes with the season I suppose.

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

autumn in Italy

Here are snippets of my last days at Casa Debbio.

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

autumn at Casa Debbio

I will be counting the days until I return and watch my garden bloom again in spring.


  1. what is the longest period you have had uninterrupted in your beloved Italy? Is it always only for the summer?

    • The longest is about 6 months. I avoid summer in Italy and as much as possible the summer in Autralia. I find both places too hot.

  2. You have just come back from Australia, maybe I remember wrong. I can understand your feelings dear Debra, I supposed that you will be in there/Italy during autumn and winter… Have a nice travel and have a nice and enjoyable summer time in Australia. Beautiful photographs for a dreamy place. Thank you, love, nia

    • I have been in Italy just over 6 weeks. This was a short trip.

  3. Funny, just today I received a message from a long-lost old girl friend of mine – she now lives in Brisbane!

    • Brisbane is a fine place to live.

  4. Autumn is also our favourite season. The colours are stunning. Have a safe trip back home.

    • I have to go home, but it won’t be long until I return.

  5. Hi Debra. We are enjoying Autumn in Provence and I agree the falling leaves and the ivy turning red on the old stone houses are beautiful. Your new trees along the terrace seem to be doing well, I can imagine it would have been difficult to see the old ones go.

    • It was difficult to see the pines go, but it was for the right reasons. With a bit of luck the magnolia will grow quickly.

  6. I am sure it is so hard to leave but you will be back. Looking forward to catching up with you when you are back in Brisbane

    • It is only because I know I will be back soon that I leave happily.

  7. I don’t suppose your going home via Twickenham RU ?
    There should be a cracking game on there, weekend after this — and U could bellow for the ol’ country 😜

    • No, I won’t be going there. You will have to do all the cheering.

  8. Have enjoyed your beautiful photos and posts. Still looking for a nice little place for me to live. Hoping to go for a year from March. Thank you for your input Cheers Fran

    • I hope you find a place that suits you.

  9. Thanks Debra for the photos. We fell in love with that area and it’s fun to see what’s happening now. I love the clouds coming down the mountains.

    • The misty weather is very dramatic, I love it too.

  10. Gosh… Such a short stay this time and a long period away from your beautiful homes! Unusual for you and I will miss your ‘live’ posts!

    Beautiful photographs as usual.

    • I will be back next time for more than 4 months, which will be great.

  11. Wow. Simply breath taking Debra.

    • It is a beautiful area.

  12. Enjoy the sun, the warmth, and the lack of humidity.

    • Brisbane is usually OK until Christmas, then it gets too hot for me.

  13. Your time in Italy always seems to fly by…..but thanks for the wonderful reminders of Italy.

    • It all goes too quickly. I want it to slow down.

  14. Such beautiful photos. The weather in Sydney has been similar lately. Hope you find your Aussie feet quickly and settle in again xx Rowena

    • I will hit the ground running and go in search of my favourite Brisbane things.

      • Sounds good. Take care xx Rowena

  15. I know it must be hard to leave at such a lovely time of the year.

    • It is difficult, but I am going home to spring and some lovely beach weather.

      • I believe you have the best of both worlds.

  16. Thank you for all your wonderful photos of Italy. I will look forward to some interesting ones from Brisbane. Have a safe journey.

    • Brisbane is a lovely city and I will be there in time for the jacaranda and poinciana trees, which are gorgeous in spring.

  17. I don’t know how you can bear to leave! How about a trip to Tassie while you’re back this time?

    • It is time to come home for a while. I’lol have think about Tassie.

  18. I will miss all your Italy posts too Debra! It is such a special place. So beautiful.

    • I have a collection of Italian posts in store, enough to last until I get back next year.

      • Yay! Can’t wait of course!

  19. Lunch date with me! See you soon Deb. xx

    • Tinderbox here we come.

  20. I like your table setting, and the setting for you to enjoy your meal. I’ll have to prowl through your archives to find out how you landed in Bagni di Lucca.

    Welcome back Down Under.

  21. Hello Debra i live in Lucca with my girfriend next time you come back in bagni di Lucca we would like the meet you..

    • I will be back in February, see you then.

  22. Ahh I’ll bet it is a bittersweet time leaving such beautiful surroundings!

    • At least I know I will be back soon.

  23. Hi Debra, I really enjoy your posts. I have bought a house in Bagni di Lucca this year and I call it my little piece of paradise. You seem to know a lot of people around, would you be able to recommend me a gardner?

    • Which village are you living in? I do know a gardener, but it would depend how close he is.

  24. Safe travels Deb – see you next year 😊

    • …only a few months away.

  25. Safe travels home, Debra. Thank you for all that you do to keep us connected to the Bagni di Lucca area. It means the world to me to see it through your eyes when I cannot be there. One day we hope to be able to stay for much longer periods, but for now we have your wonderful posts.

    • I hope we get to meet one day in Bagni di Lucca.

  26. Gorgeous photos! Thank you, Debra!

    • I enjoy taking the photos, I have a beautiful subject.

  27. I love these photos Debra. Dina CC

  28. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I love the Italian weather – one minute it is hot and sticky then the mist circles and it is wet and windy before returning to hot and sticky! Back in England it is wet and grey and starting to turn cool after a wonderful Indian summer. Still, I long for Spello. Sigh….Enjoy your beaches and sun Debra.

    • I have arrived home to cool, damp weather, which suits me just fine. I don’t like hit weather at all, so I a bracing myself for the hot summer ahead and will be longing for those cool days in Italy.

  29. It just keeps getting more beautiful… And harder to leave. Welcome home Deb.

  30. Beautiful photos; I love the accent colours of the leaves on the trees.

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