Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 19, 2015

Can I have flags with that?

We chose a restaurant in Arezzo in the lovely Palazzo delle Logge del Vasari, right on the beautiful Piazza Grande. It was a gorgeous evening and the tables were set invitingly.





We waited until the sun began to set and the lights came on.


Our meal was excellent…take a look.






Half way through dinner a troop of flag throwers and their musicians appeared and put on a spectacular show for us. I wasn’t really for us, but a group of visiting dignitaries, but we got to watch anyway.




I absolutely love sbandieratori. I love their costumes, their amazing skill and the exciting spectacle of the performance. We were very lucky to be in the piazza at just the right time.

The restaurant looked even better as the night wore on.


Piazza Grande put on a pretty good show too.


There is a lot to like about Arezzo.

We stayed at a great hotel right on the corner of the Piazza Grande…La Corte del Re (The King’s Court). This is the foyer.

La Corte del Re Arezzo

Our room had a tiny kitchen. Next time I will stay for a couple of nights and put it to use.


  1. The meals are delicious and inviting to look at,you must have had a great time eating them. your other photographs are awesome. 🙂

    • We really enjoyed our delicious food in Arezzo, we chose the restaurant well.

  2. Amazing photos, Debra! Love the way the tables were decorated and the presentation of the different delectable dishes. The Italians sure know how to put on a good show and you were lucky to see it all in front of you.

    • We were very lucky to be there for the flag throwing, it is great fun

  3. Oh, how utterly fabulous!!

  4. Wonder when the flag thrower tradition dates from.

    • The tradition dates back to medieval guilds. Flags were a symbol of purity and were not allowed to touch the ground. The spectacle must have taken ages to develop.

  5. Very lovely post, viva italia!

    • I really love these spectacles in Italy. We were lucky to have been there.

  6. It not be easy, throwing those flags around!

    • No, it would not, they are heavy and difficult to handle.

  7. Looks fantastic! Great pictures, they really capture the atmosphere of the evening.

    • It was a great evening, the flag throwers were a wonderful addition.

  8. What a lovely surprise to watch! They must have been important dignitaries to get such a performance!

    • You would think it would take a fair bit to get this organised, so they must have been important…lucky us.

  9. Love the table decoration, Debra! Look at those flags! reminds me of Siena 🙂

    • We have come upon flag throwers in several towns. It always looks great.

  10. You are really making me miss Arezzo! Even though I’ve spent a lot of time there I didn’t eat dinner out much since I was there by myself. There’s a restaurant outside the wall that Heather really recommends. I tried to go there for Sunday lunch and they wouldn’t seat me because I was alone!

    • That’s a bit tough, not allowing you in by yourself. I would not go there on principle.

  11. What fun to have the flag throwers as your dinner entertainment 🙂
    I was a flag twirler in high school, but never very good at it. It is a lot of work!

  12. Wow …. a fabulous dinner, a surprising show, and quite the hotel room. Quite the treat!

  13. Frank and I love Arezzo have never stayed but might have to mark it for our next trip …. Love those flags 💛

  14. Possibly even more alluring by night Arezzo… So beautiful!

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