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Arresting Arezzo

Arezzo is a delightful Tuscan town that doesn’t attract as many tourists as it probably should. This is actually good news because you get to see a gorgeous place without fighting for space.

Piazza Grande is the heart of Arezzo. The sloping piazza is surrounded by magnificent buildings, including the Apse of the Chiesa Santa Maria della Pieve and the Palazzo del Tribunale, with its semicircular staircase.





The Renaissance masterpiece, Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici, has a bell gable and clock dated 1552. The wonderful clock made by Felice da Fissato is still the original timepiece and marks not only the hours, but also the days, the phases of the moon and movement of the sun.


The Palazzo delle Logge del Vasari was begun in 1572 and finished in 1595. It is an excellent place to sit, have coffee or a delicious meal and admire one of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy.



Basilica of San Francesco is one of Arezzo’s most important churches. It is famous for its art…the Legend of the True Cross, by Piero della Francesca (1418-1492). The frescoes are incredibly beautiful.




The Chiesa Santa Maria della Pieve dates from 1008, rebuilt in 12th century and the interior in 13th century. The bell tower was built in 1330.

Google image of Santa Maria della Pieve Arezzo


Above the central portal look for the Medieval polychrome sculptures. They depict the 12 months of the year.


The portal on the right shows Christ being baptised by John.


The interior is quite lovely and don’t miss the crypt.


The Arezzo Cathedral, Ss Donato e Pietro, was built between 1278 and 1511, but the facade is relatively new…1901 – 1914.



There is a beautiful park at the top of the town…a great place to wander in the late afternoon.


There are some excellent shops in Arezzo.

Here are a few random delights we spotted on our wanderings.

There is a fabulous antique market held once a month in the Piazza Grande. We bought a table for our living room here years ago…must go back one day.

The movie, Life is Beautiful, was filmed in Arezzo, so some places look a bit familiar.

We had some excellent things to eat in Arezzo…I’ll tell you about that next time.



  1. Arezzo is a wonderful town and ita antique and vintage market is one of the very best in Italy
    Great photos, Deb!

    • We bought a table at the Arezzo antique market 10 years ago…must go back.

  2. Just when I thought it was safe to look at your posts again, you go and do this! What a jam-packed city to visit, and only an hour or so by train from Florence.

    I wonder who the dude is, in the statue in front of the Cathedral?

    • He is Grand Duke Ferdinand 1. He looks a little stuffy.

      • Does he ever!

  3. That an amazing place….I’m adding it to my ever expanding list of places to visit on our next trip.

    • A lifetime would not be enough to see all the delights Italy has to offer.

  4. Certainly looks worth a visit….

    • Arezzo has an amazing amount of great things to see,

  5. Thanks Debra – another one for my list!

    • Arezzo is great and I think it is only an hour by train from Florence…or we could go there when I get back in September.

  6. Such a perfect town! Loving the pictures 🙂 Thanks!

    • Arezzo is wonderful…you must go there.

  7. Good Lord – there’s a town that was built to impress. How fabulous – glass and marble high rises simply do not compare do they – and that clock is wonderful.

    • It is stunning. There is so much to see there, one visit is not enough.

  8. Love Piero, love Arezzo!

    • Those frescoes are incredibly beautiful aren’t they?

      • Absolutely. Incredibly moving every time

  9. It really does look delightful and not too many visitors – perfect. Yet another gorgeous town to visit in Italy

    • We were very surprised to see so few tourists when it has so much to offer.

  10. Such a lovely place to visit. I’m looking forward to the foodie post!

    • There were some great food shops as well, so I would like to go back and stay longer.

  11. A really fascinating looking place, Debra. The sculptures in Italy seem to be never-ending. 🙂

    • Arezzo is full of wonderful buildings and art. I will return.

  12. I must admit I love visiting places where movies or tv shows are set and I loved that movie Life is Beautiful! 😀

    • On the same trip we went to Cortona which is absolutely crowded with people, largely because of that dreadful movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.

  13. You made my day with this post about one of my favorite towns. I spent a month there at language school a while back and then two weeks another time. I love Arezzo almost as much as Lucca!

    • I thought of you while I was there. I can understand why you love Arezzo, there is much to love. I would like to spend more time there.

  14. Thanks for that, Debbie. We are big fans of Arezzo; it’s quite convenient from Le Marche and there’s lots to see and enjoy. I’m surprised the film The English Patient hasn’t made it more popular.

    • I had forgotten that The English Patient was filmed there. I think that in both those films the town was just a backdrop. In Under the Tuscsn sun Italian life was the focus, which takes more people to Cortona, the subject of my next post.

      • Also Sant’Anna Caprena between Pienza and Castelmuzio

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  16. Just saw ths. Thx for the heads up. We will be cucling through here in Sept, staying two nights to rest up!

    • I’m sure you will love Arezzo.

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