Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 29, 2015

A little bit of Italy in Brisbane

I went to the wonderful Powerhouse Markets on Saturday, a gorgeous winter day…23degrees, blue sky and sunshine. At one of the stands I met Lorenzo from Bologna (right) and Alessandro, originally from Rome, but a Brisbane resident for 12 years.

Mr Motta and Lorenzo

Lorenzo is here for a year to travel, work, earn some money, learn English and experience a different life before returning to his beloved Italy. Youth unemployment in Italy right now is horrible. Lorenzo is a graduate in journalism, but there are no jobs. I asked if he would like to remain in Australia and he replied that although he loves it here he does want to go home.

I think this is great. Italy needs its young people, especially those who have had the courage and drive to leave their homes and discover how other places do things. I hope many of them return to Italy with new ideas and the enthusiasm to start some new enterprises and help Italy to thrive.

Alessandro Motta makes buffalo mozzarella and his wife makes delicious croissants filled with Nutella and they sell them at the markets. Lorenzo was there to help with sales.

Casa Motta mozzarella

Casa Motta mozzarella

Casa Motta croissants

Farmers’ markets are becoming very popular in Australia, which is a good thing. Just take a look at some of my purchases.

Powerhouse Market produce

Of course I bought some Casa Motta mozzarella…here it is.

Casa Motta mozzarella

The Powerhouse markets happen every Saturday morning near the beautiful New Farm Park. Here is a winter day in Brisbane…the reason I return from Italy every June.

New Farm Park

New Farm Park

We had some grey clouds and a bit of rain today, but that is fine too, especially when the sky looks as good as this.

Brisbane sky


Powerhouse Markets…


  1. Where can we get it? In Brisbane? Or do we have to buy it online?

    • They sell at Powerhouse markets, city markets or look at their website…there is a link at the bottom of the post.

  2. Missed you there, but we did get some of that buffalo mozzarella and its on tonights menu….

    • I’m sure you will like it, we did.

  3. Love what you say about the courage of the young folks. My daughters are 15 and 11, growing up in Italy, and I worry about their futures a bit…hopefully the economy will accommodate them, but they may well have to leave the country. Difficult.

    • I’m hoping the Italian economy will improve. I think it is up to young people to try to change things for the better.

  4. Those croissants look mouth wateringly good!

    What nice ambassadors for Italy those two young men are. Here’s hoping Lorenzo finds employment when he goes back to Italy.

    • I hope Lorenzo finds a great job back in Italy.

  5. I was there at those markets a couple of weeks ago. They really are very good. Wonderful fresh foods and a great selection. Yes it was a fabulous winter’s weekend

    • It is a great market. I am happy it is now on every Saturday.

  6. Thanks Debra for postin’ this. My best wishes to Lorenzo and Alessandro!

    • I wish them the best too.

  7. the Buffalo looks more than scrumptious.

    • It was very good, you will have to call in to the markets to get some.

  8. A wonderful blend of the old world and the new. Both in need of one another. Lovely post e bentornata!

    • It is nice to be back for a while, especially when you can enjoy a bit of Italy here.

  9. Great markets and good to see them starting to get popular here in Oz. I love the look of the produce, particularly that mozzarella in your salad.

    • We have great produce here in Australia.

  10. Farmers markets are great. I always visit them whenever I am in San Francisco, where they also are very popular.

    • I like farmers markets, but I am always tempted to buy too much. It always looks so good.

  11. Delightful to read and see your pictures….We love going to our local farmers market here in Portland Maine every Wednesday and Saturday.

    • It is great that they are popular all over the world.

  12. OMG, Debra, those croissants look divine! Thanks for sharing the photos, but your posts ALWAYS make me hungry!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • They were very good. Mrs Motta did a great job.

  13. We buy their mozzarella every week & it’s delicious.

    • It’s great. I will be a regular now that I am home.

  14. Those passionfruit look so fresh. None here, not even an old shrivelled up one

    • I love passionfruit. I have not seen them outside Australia.

  15. We have several farmers markets in my neighborhood. What is gaining popularity now are CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) where every 2 weeks you receive a bucket of produce from nearby farms — whatever is in season at that time. it’s a way to support the local farmers and get introduced to new varieties of veggies/fruits that you wouldn’t otherwise.

    • It is possible to do that here too. I think it is a great idea.

  16. How was the mozzarella? Those croissants look fantastic I must say! 😀

    • The mozzarella was very good and I will be buying it regularly.

  17. I’m happy to hear a young person WANTS to come back to his home country. I hope he brings lots of great ideas with him, along with some drive to change what needs to be changed.

    • I think it is great. Italy needs its young people.

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