Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 27, 2015

Heavenly things for your home

I thought I had found the most beautiful shops…see here, here and here…but another one has presented itself to me.

I was walking down the main street of Pietrasanta, Via Garibaldi, when I spotted Luca Ferrari…House Counselling, and was drawn inside by lovely things.

It is one of those shops that make you want to throw out everything you have and start again.

Luca Ferrari Counselling

Come on in…

Luca Ferrari

Luca Ferrari

Of course, I won’t be doing that, but a couple of items came home with me.

I met the charming owner, the one with the exquisite taste.

Luca Ferrari

I can see that this will not be my last visit.

Luca Ferrari,

Via Garibaldi 52,


Pietrasanta’s piazza looked wonderful, despite the rain.





  1. What a beautiful find. Lucky you. The owner is cute!

    • I was very happy to discover this lovely shop…and yes, the owner was very charming.

  2. An interesting place to inspect! Thank you for the tip, Debra!

    • There are lots of wonderful things for our Italian houses.

  3. Love it Deb. Another gorgeous post.

    • I think I will go out to that money tree, I’m sure I planted one.

  4. What a great shop and a cute owner. I want to come and visit.

    • Pietrasanta is a beautiful town and this shop is well worth a visit.

  5. Very nice shop….another great find. Well done!

  6. Oh looks fabulous. I remember being with you in Sardinia where we found THE most beautiful store anywhere. This one looks stunning too.

    • That one in Sardinia takes some beating.

  7. Yes Deb what a lovely find

    • I will definitely be back.

  8. Another one for close inspection, thank you. We’ve never been into Pietrasanta but must go.

    • Pietrasanta is a lovely town. There are great shops, restaurants and galleries. I’m sure you will love it.

  9. I love the business description “house counselling”. I can see my house would go sobbing to him complaining that I just don’t understand it! What beautiful muted colours – I would be happy with even the dog’s bed!

    • I loved the name too. It was the sign that drew me to it.

  10. I do like Pietrasanta, it’s a very vibrant little place.

    • It is one of our regular places to visit.

  11. We loved going to Pietrasanta…beautiful shops, and great little restaurants everywhere…will have to search for this one.

    • This shop is relatively new, just 2 years. I hope it does very well.

  12. I can’t think how many times i’ve had the same thought of throwing everything out and starting over again when I discover a new household shop!

  13. I love Pietrasanta! And now I have another reason to go back. Thanks Debra!

    • I don’t know how I missed this shop on past visits. My usual car park was full and I parked at the other end of town…lucky.

  14. A beautiful Italian friend took us to Pietrasanta for the day and we fell in love with it. The most beautiful town

    • Pietrasanta is one of our regular places to visit. It has lots of wonderful things to discover.

  15. I’m in love with its old world charm. In love with the spool of rope( I have one) that has a glass dome over it – what a neat idea. I wish I was there right now.

    • It is a stunning shop, I would like so many things.

  16. Wonderful contents aside, the house counselling tag is inspiration enough!!!! You find the best things Deb.

    • That is what called me to the shop.

      • I imagine… Thinking I might have to appropriate the title myself! 🙂

  17. Hey Deb….can you pick up a chandelier or two for me!!!! Only kidding.

    Nice house counselling.



    • I’m sure I could squeeze a little chandelier into my luggage.

  18. A beautiful shop Debra! I’d love to know which things made it home with you! 🙂

    • This time I bought the dish drainer and some little pots, but I am seriously thinking about the fire tools for Casa Debbio. We are sitting in front of the fire right now and I can see it sitting there…I think I must go back.

  19. Looks like a seriously seductive space Debra! 🙂

    • It is very easy to be tempted here.

  20. This is stunning Deb!

    • It is a gorgeous shop.

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