Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 20, 2015

A little bit of London

I had a couple of cold, damp days in London on the way to Italy. I stayed near Marylebone High St, one of my favourite areas in the city.

Marlybone High St London

It has some great places to eat. I was torn, but in the end I went to the one I know, La Fromagerie.

La Fromagerie Marlybone High St London


Daunt Books is one of the most beautiful bookshops I have ever been to. I managed to add to the already heavy collection in my suitcase.

I love the rooflines in London, there are some wonderful old, and not so old buildings.

London buildings

I included the last one because it is an amazing shade of lilac.

I came upon the lovely horse, called Fire, in the Mount St Gardens.

Sculpture in Mount St Garden

…and this sculpture outside the Connaught Hotel,  given by Italy to London.

Sculpture at the Conaught


This fountain in Hyde Park was without water, but still managed to look joyous.

Hyde Park fountain

…with and without pigeons.

Hyde Park sculpture

Hyde Park fountain

In beautiful Berkeley Square garden there were no nightingales, but the huge trees look spectacular even in the dead of winter.

Berkley Square


Berkeley Square

The war memorials in Green Park are impressive.


Despite the weather I covered quite a bit of territory on foot…the best way to see a city.

My next stop was Oxford, to catch up with my good friends Anup and Poorna…more on that soon.



  1. London seems like a great place for fun ! Thank you for this lovely post and photos. I’ve not been to London so I’m traveling vicariously through your blog!

    • London is s great city. There is lots to see and do and great places to eat.

  2. That Golden Eagle pub looks very pretty. We also like the Marylebone area. It is very convenient.
    Great photos!

    • It is a great area, I like staying there. I really like the High St, I wish it was closer to home.

  3. I can see why you love that bookstore. I really like the look of the golden eagle and as always your photos are amazing. Makes me want to return to London.

    • It really is s beautiful book shop. I still like actual books, not electronic readers.

  4. Fantastic pics, Debra. Those sculptures and war memorial are all so worth a visit. I think La Fromagerie would have lured me in too. 🙂

    • London is a great city to walk through. The parks and garden are beautiful, even in the dead of winter.

      • Yes it is, as long as you have really warm clothing. 🙂

  5. I work near Marylebone High Street and haven’t seen La Fromagerie before – thanks for the tip, I’ll visit soon!

    • La Fromagerie is great. It is in a side street from Marylebone High St, beside the Ginger Pig. I also liked Providor for breakfast.

  6. Hi Debra I love marylebone too. But you put me to shame the places you have been to and I live 20 mins away Xx

    • It is not unusual to miss local stuff…we all do it.

  7. Debra, spectacular photos of such an interesting place.

    • Thanks, London is a great city to visit.

  8. It’s actually spelt Marylebone although pronounced the way you wrote it.

    • Fixed, thanks Francis.

  9. It does look like a beautiful city even in winter. Looking forward to returning one day to explore more.

    • The gardens will be gorgeous in spring, I would love to go back.

  10. Wonderful series of London winter photos encompassing so many areas of interest. One of the shots reminded me how long I have not been: the Connaught Hotel on Carlos Place was usually our ‘pub’ [wonderfully situated] but the bottom floor surely did not look like that before 🙂 !

    • The sculpture is in a little garden in front of the hotel.

  11. Oh fantastic Deb. Loved that ‘full frontal’….a bit in your face isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!

    London is such a fantastic city…and you’ve shown me things that I’ve seen seen before. A Jewellery Theatre?? in lilac???? Incredible.

    Great place to stay too! I think “Egg” is close by isn’t it? Did you indulge?

    Looking forward to Oxford too!!!!!!


    • I loved that lilac building…how brave.

  12. So much fun this post, Debrah.

    • London is a fun city, I love it.

  13. Looks lovely but cold – keep on having fun

    • It was a bit bleak, but it didn’t rain.

  14. Marylebone High Street is one of my favourite spots to wander up and down when I am London. I enjoyed looking at your images of it.

    • It is a great area, I will be back for sure.

  15. Haven’t visited London yet, so thanks for the tip about the rooftops! Meanwhile, a version of the song for you. … Enjoy.

    • London is a great place to visit. I’m sure you will love it.

  16. What a lovely feast for the eyes! I especially like the bookshop – I should just like to stand in there and breathe it in. Have you ever read Helene Hanff’s 54 Charing Cross Road. I so much enjoyed that book, her passion for books and language, her sense of humour and the correspondence with the lovely man in the bookshop. Did you enter the Imbibing Emporium!? Sounds much more exciting than ‘pub’ doesn’t it.

    • That book shop is gorgeous. I could spend hours in there.

  17. That’s a lovely part of town. Great clothes shops and classy atmosphere. I was in London last weekend!

    • It’s a great area. I was in Oxford for the weekend.

  18. Huge yes to the beautiful lilac building Deb. I love this post. The light is just sounmistakably London. It takes me back.

    • How brave to paint a building lilac!

  19. Thank you for the tip about the book shop! I’m heading to London on wednesday and I’m so excited already!

    • Marylebone High St is a fabulous area. You will love the bookshop.

  20. I had the pleasure of 2 year’s being based out of Oxford street. Snippets’ just offer an impression and it feels our capital has left you with a good taste in the mouth. Its unique x glad you liked it.I’m resting in BagnidiLucca 😍

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