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Snow at Casa Debbio

It has been snowing in Bagni di Lucca…I wish I was there. Friends have sent me photos of Ponte a Serraglio with a dusting of snow (see here).

Now another lovely friend, Chris Buxton, has taken the trouble to drive up to Casa Debbio to check the snow situation up there.

He drove through Vergemoli to the little church at the start of our track to the house.

The road to Casa Debbio

Looking back towards the village you can see that there has been lots of snow.

snow in Vergemoli

You can see Casa Debbio from the village when the trees are bare.

snow at Casa Debbio

It isn’t possible to drive on the track in deep snow, so Chris and Luna walked up to the house.

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

It is quite a hike up to the house in deep snow, I know, I have done it. A 10 minute walk becomes 30 (or more of you fall over 4 times as I did). Eventually Casa Debbio comes into view.

Casa Debbio with snow

Casa Debbio looks a bit lonely without the trees that keep it company in spring, summer and autumn. It takes on quite a different look.

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

snow at Casa Debbio

The day was clear, bright and sunny and I wish I was there.

snow at Casa Debbio

Thank you Chris and Luna for taking me to my lovely house.

snow at Casa Debbio

Chris has a wonderful mountain house of his own near Castelnouvo. The winter and the snow will have slowed his renovation somewhat, but you can see that it is going to be amazing soon.

Chris's house

The views from Chris’s house are wonderful.

mountain view around Bagni di Lucca


  1. It’s so beautiful in the winter – simply enchanting!

    • I love Casa Debbio in the winter. I will be there soon.

  2. Happy new year Deb.

    • Same to you. Are you coming to Italy?

  3. We visited the area recently in the rain. Much more lovely in the snow.

    • Snow makes Casa Debbio look wonderful.

  4. Beautiful! Looks so different with snow, but so special!

    • It looks different in every season. I love them all.

  5. Ohh looks stunning! Do your terracotta pots survive this sort of weather? Happy new year.

    • We bought winter hardy pots. They are more expensive than regular ones, but they do survive the winter. The pots on my balcony have been around for 11 years. They now live at Casa Debbio.

  6. Debra,
    These photos with the snow at Casa Debbio are beautiful. I am sure you would love to be there in person right now. I especially can appreciate seeing Casa Debbio in this perspective since you have taken me there in a different season. Grazie for another fantastic post. Your friends are priceless.

    • It looks quite different in winter, especially with snow. I have some great friends who keep me in touch when I am not there.

  7. Great post like you are walking there yourself, even on foot a scary passage I would imagine. Sorry internet is i Very slow at then moment can’t see what I a amtyping

    • Buthow beautiful. can feel the peacefulness coming through the images

      • I love being up at Casa Debbio in the winter. The wonter landscape is gorgeous.

  8. Such a beautiful place in the snow. I can imagine how lovely it would be to be inside all warm and cozy looking out over the countryside. Happy New Year Debra!

    • It certainly is wonderful sitting inside with the heaters on while watching the snowy wonderland below. I hope you have a 2015 with lots of travel.

  9. It looks absolutely stunning!

  10. We suddenly had white Christmas in Helsinki!

    • I’m sure it was beautiful

  11. Stunning Deb. Like pictures in a story book. It would be terrifying to drive on your road with all that snow. It looks so very different to summer time.

    • The road to Vergemoli is cleared by snow ploughs, so is quite safe. It is not possible to drive on the little road to the house. You need to walk in. Fortunately we don’t get this much snow very often.

      • Yes I did actually mean your little road. The walk would be fun

  12. Gorgeous….love the house, even though it does look a bit bare during winter:) Snow is gorgeous!

    • We had several trees cut down and others trimmed, so it will look a bit bare until spring when the trimmed trees sprout. I can’t wait to start planting again.

      • That will be fun…:)

  13. Quite a lot of snow, but beautiful throughout the seasons!

    • It always looks wonderful.

  14. Wow – doesn’t it look different without the pine trees and you can see the house from such along way down the path now. It looks fabulous and I can’t wait to see the photos when the new trees have their leaves in summer.

    • And thanks Chris for the walk and photos. The views from your house are pretty spectacular at the moment as well.

    • I am keen to see it all grow in spring.

  15. Lovely photos. I bet they made you a little home-sick for Casa Debbio. 🙂

    • I would love to be there now for the snow.

  16. Such a lovely friend Deb. Beautiful photos. Wonderful and magical all at the same time. Snow does something to the soul doesn’t it? a sort of cleansing and then a rebirth when it’s Spring. I love the little church.

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village and I would love to be there right now to see the wonderful snow. It is so clean and bright and it is difficult to imagine that my garden is sleeping below it.

  17. Wishing you a wonderful and exciting New Year, Debrah, may it be filled with trips and Joy. Cornelia

    • Thank you. I hope you have a great New Year too.

  18. I wish I was there too!

    • The snow looks very inviting.

  19. Beautiful photos! It looks magical in the snow.

    • Chris took some beautiful photos, I was very happy to see what is happening at the house.

  20. It looks like a magical winter wonderland. Although I am sure the snow can make life difficult.

    • Snow at the house is actually a bit of a pest, but it doesn’t happen very often and it is very beautiful.

  21. Great photos taken by your friends of your wonderful house. Bet you can’t wait till when you go back in February. I think your village is one of the most photogenic villages anywhere .

    • Chris did a great job. It was very kind of him to go up there. Vergemoli is gorgeous and the people who live there are the best thing about it.

  22. Wonderful beauty … and you’ll be there again soon. Happy New Year to you and yours … Best wishes and safe travels for 2015

  23. That’s so beautiful….even though I don’t like the cold weather….happy New Year to you!

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