Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 9, 2014

When I’m cleaning windows

…I don’t do it like this.

Window cleaning in Hong Kong

From the living room of my friends’ apartment in Hong Kong I can see the harbour and the buildings surrounding it. I watched as a team of window cleaners descended in their little carriage slowly from the top of the building.


Hong Kong window cleaners

Hong Kong window cleaners

Hong Kong window cleaners

I’m not sure I would like that job, but I’m sure they see some interesting sights, like the ones mentioned in the old George Formby song,



  1. A pretty scary job, indeed!

    • I won’t be applying for it any time soon.

  2. Oh my goodness I’m way too chicken! I would have the dirtiest windows in Hong Kong!

    • Mine would be dirty too if I had to do this.

  3. Not for me!!!!! Hope life insurance is part of the benefit package!!!!!

    • They were wearing helmets, but I can’t see that would help much.

  4. i am squeamish about it! My ex fiance used to install lightning rods on in Miami onto the–what to me, are sky scrapers. He used to send me pictures of him looking down between his legs while he was in the harness….ewwwwww

    • How absolutely terrifying.

  5. there is no way in hell I’d hang out like that to wash of window of all things. No. Way.

  6. Aren’t they marvellous, the things they must see.. I would do it i a trice though i am not overly fond of washing windows, I am surprised they don’t attach big windscreen wipers TO that carriage and do it all from the ground by remote control.. c

    • I’m glad someone wants to do this job. I am not afraid of heights, but this doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  7. Not the most enviable job in the world, Debra. I hate cleaning windows even when I’m standing on terra firma. 🙂

    • Window cleaning is not one of my favourite tasks either.

  8. I don’t mind heights….but I could not do this job. Pretty scary I would think!

    • You wouldn’t catch me stepping into that thing, I saw it wobbling about on its way down.

  9. We have these window washers at my office building in Manhattan. It is so disconcerting when they start lowering themselves down to my office window. I nearly jump out of my skin every time. They seem to get a kick out of it.

    • It must be very strange to see someone suddenly appear at your window.

  10. They’d certainly have a few good stories to tell. It’s quite amazing in this day and age that’s it’s still someone’s job to do that, rather than a robot’s I mean. Are you en route in this direction by chance???

    • I really don’t understand why there is not some mechanical device to do this. It looks far too dangerous to me.
      I am right now at Hong Kong airport waiting patiently for my last flight home to Brisbane for a few months. I will miss my lovely village, but it will be good to be home for a while.

      • Be sure to drop me a line… x

      • Well said.

  11. Hehe I could never do that job! 😮

  12. I’m not into cleaning my own windows, I fear. However, these photos are simply amazing. Hard to imagine having the guts to do that kind of job. Fascinating post, my friend. Sometimes I wonder how you ALWAYS come up with such interesting ones!

    I’m trying to get my butt back in the saddle. I did manage to post something a month ago, but have been busy teaching workshops, looking at self-hosting my blog and writing my memoir (yes, I’ve been doing that), but I will make an effort to get something new out this week, including photos of our new home. Sorry to have been absent of late.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Good luck with your new house. It all sounds exciting.

  13. Nope. Not for me. Too afraid of heights. well, that kind of height would scare anyone. Someone has pretty clean windows!

    • It must be possible to come up with a better way of doing this that doesn’t involve people.

  14. Not a job I could do, so cheers to those who do!

    • It wouldn’t suit me at all.

  15. Brave souls! Just the thought of it makes my stomach turn!

    • Just now on the news is a story about a window washing team in New York stranded on the side of a building. I hope they get paid well. There must be a better way to do this.

  16. Good work!

  17. I know I wouldn’t like that job. My uncle used to have that old 78 that I played on his wind up gramophone!

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