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Lunch in the Langhe

It is fun to visit places that have been in movies. A recent film starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, called The Trip to Italy,  began in the Langhe region of Piedmont in the North West of Italy.  There was a particular restaurant that they went to called Trattoria della Posta.  The food looked amazing and we knew a visit was needed.

We enlisted the help of local experts Robert and Leslie Alexander who run Travel Langhe specialising in Wine and Food Tours.  Before we tempt you with our fabulous lunch, take a look at Robert’s gorgeous photos of this spectacular part of Italy.

After a tour  with Robert, who is very passionate about the area and its delightful villages and vineyards, we arrived at our lunch destination. The Massolini family has been operating a business since 1875, when Sabino Massolini opened a rest and stabling point for travellers in Monforte d’Alba.

Subsequent generations have developed the resaurant to become one of the centres of Langhe cuisine. In 2000 the family moved to their current location on a beautiful hillside a few kilometres from Barolo, home of the iconic wine.


…and now to lunch. The focus is on fresh, seasonal food from the area, especially mushrooms and truffles. The service is both efficient and friendly. Take a look at our scrumptious courses, including the onion dish served in the movie, foie gras and stuffed zucchini flowers.

Thank you to Travel Langhe and Trattoria della Posta for a great day, and to The Trip to Italy for the idea.



  1. I want to go back

    • I can understand why.

  2. Fantastic, love your photos Debra, cheers!

    • I wish I could take credit for the photos, but Robert from Travel Langhe took the ones at the top and Liz took the lunch photos. It is a beautiful area of Italy. I have been a few times and look forward to returning.

  3. Bellissimo!

    • It is a very beautiful part of Italy.

  4. We saw that movie too and enjoyed it. I really would have liked less of Rob Brydon and his impersonations and more about the food and the destinations – but I recognise that was not in the scheme of things. I remember the stuffed onion and thought it looked superb in its simplicity. I can see why Robert is passionate about the area – it looks so very beautiful.

    • I agree, the movie was OK, but we needed far less of the 2 characters and much more of Italy.

  5. Beautiful place and great pictures. That is the kind of little towns that make me happy!

    • I think there are more beautiful things per square inch in Italy than anywhere else. There are enough gorgeous villages to keep you busy for a lifetime.

  6. Langhe (and Piedmonte as a whole has been on my bucket list!

    • It is an exquisitely beautiful area with much to see and do.

  7. Another beautiful destination in Italy…thanks for the post. We have seen the movie. The scenery and food were amazing.

    • The scenery and food were the best bits of the movie, I wish they had gone more slowly through some of those places.

  8. So gorgeous!!!

    • The whole area is stunning.

  9. Amazing!!!!!

  10. We are staying in The Piedmont at the moment for a week. On Sunday we had lunch at Trattoria della Posta and it was delicious but, we’ve eaten in quite a few restaurants here and they’ve all been very good. The area is stunning, especially around Monforte, Novello and Alba.

  11. Great post and Robert’s photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Sensational. Once again your photos are gorgeous

  13. Ps I see in the comments that the photos were not yours. Well your photos are always fabulous so of course I assumed you took these also

    • Thank you, I wish I had taken them.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Debra!

    • It is an amazing area.

  15. Yum.

  16. I love this area of Italy and would like to spend more time there. I can’t wait to see the movie. I love the original one they did together in England.

    • I would have preferred more of Italy and less of the 2 men and their impressions.

  17. The region looks very beautiful in the photographs. And the lunch looks most delicious.

  18. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful area of Italy. Nice post, Debra…thanks!

    • Just another of the many gorgeous parts of Italy.

  19. Hi,
    Enjoyed all the pictures. But please, or please, can you tell me what the onion dish is and/or what might be in it. Onions are one of my favorites, and I can’t get the film yet on Netflix.

    • The onion was stuffed with Murazzano sheeps milk cheese & saliccia di Bra a slightly sweet sausage. Then roasted. The onion was quite firm & the cheese mixture quite soft – you needed either bread or a spoon or both – it was delicious

      • Thanks so much. It sure looked delicious. I may just play with this one.

  20. I just love the photo of the rainbow. Gorgeous!

    • Robert’s photos are stunning.

  21. What beautiful pics! I’m so excited to be heading back to Italy this year 🙂

    • Drop in to Ponte a Serraglio if you are in the area.

  22. What a stunning gallery of photos. You’ve inspired me once again Debra! So much of Italy – so little time! Bring on 2015 when I’ll be heading back.

    • Piedmont is a beautiful part of Italy. I have only been in autumn and winter. I need to go in spring.

  23. we travelled through this area this year on the Moto Giro D’Italia event and stayed there two nights in Alba. What a discovery that area and the food and wine to die for. I will be going back there as soon possible.

    • I have stayed in Alba a couple of times and absolutely loved it. We were there at the time of the truffle festival, what a treat.

  24. It seems, Robert is a talented photographer.

  25. Hello Debra
    I am a fellow QLD er and met you at the cafe across the bridge from you home in Bagni du Lucca in 2012 . I have beds following your blogs ever since .
    This Sept my husband and I have 11 days in Piedmont. We have booked 4 nights in Neive and would like some advice for the north west and lakes district . Would you recommend the city of Turin or smaller villages . I am kstruggling to decide whether to base ourselves somewhere or keep moving Kind regards
    Donna .

    • Turin is great, but there are lots of lovely towns in the area. We loved Alba, Barolo, La Morra and just driving in this gorgeous area. There are some posts on the blog about Turin. If you type “Torino” in the “Search” box at the side of the blog they will come up.

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