Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 16, 2014

Melbourne, art and beauty

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia, is a beautiful city, full of gorgeous parks, fountains, interesting buildings and public art.



While in Melbourne I visited the Melbourne Art Fair held at the magnificent Royal Exhibition Centre.

I went to see the work of a friend, Michael Zavros. To quote art curator, Robert Leonard…” Zavros is an aesthete: he paints beautiful things beautifully.” He paints self portraits (he is very beautiful),  his beautiful children, high fashion, horses and other things in a photo-realistic way.

For this exhibition he collaborated with Rolls Royce to create a performance at the opening of the Art Fair with a Rolls Royce, twin models Zac and Jordan Stenmark, chocolate gold coins and flowers.

I missed the performance, but I was there the next day to see the car and the chocolate coins and the painting of 8 standard poodles arranged in the shape of the Rolls Royce.





The Art Fair finishes Sunday 17th. If you can’t go, you should take a look at Michael’s website to find out more about his amazing work.





  1. Melbourne is beautiful , I can tell by looking at the pictures you posted.

    • Melbourne is a beautiful city. Even in mid winter the parks look wonderful.

  2. In Melbourne but missed the art fair, however was at the NGV today to see the Italian Masters exhibition which was most enjoyable – a great city

    • The Art Fair is actually still on today. Melbourne is full of great things to do.

  3. Melbourne is such a beautiful city! Your photos show it to perfection. And I love those poodles!

    • I think Melbourne is Australia’s most European city, with its lovely old buildings and gardens.

  4. très beau , merci

  5. You’ve made Melbourne look quite fabulous. I must take a train ride into the city more often and become a tourist in my own state.

    • Melbourne is a beautiful city. It is good to look at our own neighbourhood as a tourist sometimes.

  6. Michael Zavros is a wonderful artist and constantly inspiring not only technically but with new narratives as well!
    Melbourne is a great place for creative coffee drinkers that’s for sure.

    • Michael is a very talented artist. He is also delightful and charming, which never hurts.

  7. Lovely photos with lovely perspectives – and magnolias! Isn’t the exhibition Centre gorgeous – I’ve never been there, but now I really want to see it.

  8. Sometimes we take the beauty in our own backyard for granted – and my “backyard” is Melbourne.

  9. I am glad you came to visit my beautiful Melbourne. I appreciated it everyday.

  10. How gorgeous! So much to see-we just have to open our eyes 🙂

  11. Wonderful Gallery of shots Debra.

  12. The exhibition centre looks like a great asset for a city to have. 😉

  13. A beautiful city … and the park photos are wonderful!

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